Is It Time To Redo Your Office Space?


Everything has an expiry date – including the design of your office space. What worked well 5 or 10 years ago likely isn’t suitable for your organization’s current needs. From culture changes to operational and staffing changes, the transformations your organization has gone through should be reflected and supported by your office space. Here are some of the most common signs that your office design needs an upgrade.

How to know it’s time to redo your office space

#1 – Mismatch between office design and brand image

You’re a funky, forward-thinking marketing agency that strives to help clients not to follow trends but to set them – yet your offices are bland, functional, and dated. Your space needs to support your organization’s brand and values, showing clients and employees who you are and what you stand for, engaging them with your purpose from the moment they walk in the door.

#2 – It’s causing frustration for employees

A well-designed office space gives employees everything they need to deliver their best work. But if the layout of office furniture and workspaces isn’t delivering that, then it’s going to work against this intention. Supporting the functional needs of your team means having enough practical furnishings and spaces to accommodate daily workflow and needs, from group collaboration and focused task work to managing admin and client meetings.

#3 – Your current design outdated

The workplace of a decade ago is very different to the cutting-edge spaces of today. People work differently, operations are managed differently, and processes flow differently – and it’s essential that your office design supports this. Maybe you have greater flexibility in work hours or manage onsite and remote teams, your staff need to come onsite for key meetings and collaborative events and then work remotely, or you have on boarded more teams and managers who need to work in the same space. Updating your office design is not just about freshening things up and making your business look more current, it’s about adding practical functionality too.

#4 – You want a more productive, energy-efficient space

Thinking around productivity has advanced considerably in the last decade or so, and current designs focus on wellness and energy efficiency to create a cost-effective space that supports a high level of employee productivity. This means bringing in ergonomic office furniture, colors that impact mood and mental health, plenty of natural light to reduce lighting costs and support natural circadian rhythms, creating break spaces, installing new technology, introducing elements of nature, and much more. All these elements combine to reduce absenteeism, support engagement and innovation, and reduce the operational costs of your space.

Create the office space your organization deserves

A fantastic office design is about more than aesthetics – it creates a space that attracts and retains highly-skilled talent, improves operational and employee efficiency, and actively helps your brand achieve more. And that’s exactly what the team at BE Furniture can assist you with!

How BE can help you redo your office space for your needs

BE Furniture is a team of New Jersey-based office design specialists focused on making innovative office designs come to life. With a sustainable and modern approach to office design in the tri-state area, we work one-on-one with you to create a functional and exceptional space that reflects your values as a business. From hotdesking and sit-to-stand desk options to ergonomic office furniture and modern office cubicles, we can supply it all. To find out more about our office design services and furniture, chat with us today. To know more visit – https://www.befurniture.com/

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