Inside One Of The Most Eco-Friendly Office Buildings On Earth

As contemporary office furniture specialists`, we know that eco-friendly design has become a significant part of the modern workplace, from energy-efficiency and office furniture right to the very architecture and construction process of the buildings themselves. Recently, Bloomberg has revealed its new European Headquarters – known as The Edge – and is setting the standard for sustainable workplaces of the future.

Designed by renowned architect Norman Foster, the building offers a massive 1.1 million square feet of office space, including three public plazas, a transportation entrance to the Bank tube station, and a dining arcade featuring bars and restaurants.

What makes this building such a landmark for environmental sustainability? 

Throughout the design and building process, low carbon, energy, water and resource intensity goals were kept at a priority level. Some features that demonstrate this conscientious approach include:

  • Integrated lighting panels incorporating 500,000 energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Natural ventilation systems through the striking movable bronze blades on the outside of the building to reduce air conditioner dependency.
  • Rainwater capture and treatment systems on the rooftop that recycle water to serve the vacuum flush toilets in the building, saving 25 million liters of water a year.
  • A smart airflow system that senses CO2 levels and circulates air automatically according to the number of people in each zone of the building, reducing emissions by 500-750 metric tons and saving 600-750MWhr of power each year.
  • An on-site combined heat and power facility that reduced heat wastage for energy savings of 500-750 metric tons of CO2 each year.

These features and others have earned an Outstanding rating from BREEAM assessors (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) with a score of 98.5% – the highest design-stage score ever achieved by a large-scale office development project.

This vision didn’t stop with the building either, as Bloomberg’s employees are encouraged through a range of initiatives to adopt “active working” strategies that promote wellness and good health, including sit-stand work stations, on-site gyms and a wellness center.

Help your business create a sustainable future with contemporary office interiors 

At BE Furniture, we’re committed to providing our clients with the latest in affordable contemporary office furniture and interior design. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly and ergonomic workplace solutions, and offer an earth-friendly recycling option for your old furniture.

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