Inside An Office Designed By Artificial Intelligence

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has been the realm of science fiction for decades – and it’s making its way into our homes and workplaces. From Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, we’re slowly getting used to the idea of technology that’s intuitive and integrated with our daily lives. In an interesting new step, AI is now being used to design workplaces like the offices of AutoDesk. So, what are the results?

This company is the first place you’d expect to use AI to design an office – it’s the 16,000-square foot Toronto office of software giants who work on large-scale architecture, engineering and construction projects, after all. Each aspect of this workspace design – right down to the placement of plants – is determined and planned out by AI.

The reason for using AI was not only because it was an interesting challenge, but because the company believed this was the best way to create a space that would satisfy the most employees. This led to a system of generative design, where software is able to take in huge amounts of data, from cost, leadership/management style preferences and performance dynamics all the way to lighting preferences, who likes sitting next to whom, open plan vs cubicle preferences, and much more. This mix of data from every employee as well as design specialists resulted in the creation of a design that would deliver the highest satisfaction score.

The final design has a very unique character and shifts from department to department. For example, the two-floor office space is split with the ground floor being presentation space and the upper floor consisting of different neighborhoods. Different staff departments have their own unique neighborhood that incorporates their preferences – the 3D software design team has an open, collaborative space, while the research department has pod-like office spaces integrated with the tech rig they work on. Even the desks were chosen though the AI software, which indicated that employees preferred a warm, wood-grained option.

So, will more businesses take the AI route when it comes to designing their workplace? It’s inclusive and considerate nature certainly shows promise!

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