How Your Workspace Can Support Every Type of Employee

No two people work the same in your organization, and no two people have the same personality type. So, why are you setting up each workstation the same way? Your organization is made up of people with differences in personality traits, backgrounds, abilities and working preferences – which is a beautiful thing if you can create a working environment where they can all thrive! Fortunately, you can make changes that aren’t astronomical to make your office more inclusive to every person you have on staff. In this article, our team of commercial office designers in NJ will discuss different ways to optimize your workspaces to support every type of employee. 

Whether you have an open-plan office or a traditional layout, here’s how you can accommodate each person according to how they prefer to work. 

Shared workstations: Ideal for collaborative employees 

Shared workstations are a great option for employees who need to collaborate often on group projects. By having a shared workstation desk, employees can easily share ideas, discuss strategies, and work together to achieve their aligned goals. This type of space can also promote team building and help employees develop better relationships with their colleagues. To create an effective shared workstation, it’s important to provide enough space for multiple people to work comfortably and have access to the necessary resources such as power outlets, whiteboards, and storage areas.

Quiet areas: Ideal for introverted employees 

Not everyone thrives in a noisy, bustling environment. For introverted employees who prefer to work in silence or concentrate best with their headphones in, creating quiet areas can be a game changer. Quiet areas can range from small pods or phone booths to designated rooms with soundproofing. These spaces can help reduce distractions, minimize stress, and increase productivity for employees who prefer a quieter work environment to complete more complex tasks.

Collaborative spaces: Ideal for creative employees 

Creativity breeds on collaboration. Workspaces such as brainstorming rooms, lounges, or breakout areas can be great for employees who work in creative fields or who require a more relaxed environment to generate new ideas. These spaces can also be used for impromptu meetings, team-building activities, or socializing on breaks. These types of spaces should be intentionally designed with different colors, lighting choices, and office furniture that encourage interaction and conversation.

Private spaces: Ideal for employees who need confidentiality 

Spaces like enclosed meeting rooms or individual workstations can be ideal for employees who require privacy, confidentiality, or need to handle client sensitive information. These rooms can also be used for employees who need to make phone calls or attend virtual meetings without disturbing others. Private workspaces should have good soundproofing, ample lighting, and be equipped with technology that supports video conferencing, screen sharing, and other collaboration tools.

Wellness spaces: Ideal for employees who need to recharge 

The great news is that this type of space can benefit all employees. Private yoga studios, meditation rooms, or even small fitness centers can be great wellness additions to any office environment. These spaces can help employees reduce stress, increase energy, and promote physical and mental wellbeing. By providing opportunities for employees to take breaks, exercise, or practice mindfulness, you can create a workplace that values employee health and happiness.

Redesign your office to empower your team with BE Furniture

Designing an office space that caters to the needs of every type of employee can be challenging, but with the help of our modern office designers in NJ, it can be done right the first time. We’ll start by talking about your team in order to understand the different work styles and preferences of all your employees. Once we gather this information, we can create a comprehensive company culture that supports all the good stuff: collaboration, creativity, privacy, wellness, and productivity. With the right combination of shared workstations, quiet areas, wellness spaces and more, we can help you create an office environment that makes your employees feel valued, engaged, and inspired – every single day. 

To learn more about how BE Furniture can reimagine your work environment, please visit our website at: https://www.befurniture.com/

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