How Your Office Design Affects Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are your company’s best employees! They’re enthusiastic, involved, and committed to your organizational goals. They’re also very rare. 70% of workers aren’t engaged in the workplace, with 16% being actively disengaged. This not only results in poor performance, but also low productivity and a lack of innovation. Fortunately, there’s a lot that organizations can do to turn this around – including transforming your office design. Here’s some insight from our contemporary office furniture team.

An Open, Accessible and Flexible Layout

Very few roles in an organization consist of one task that is repeated each day. For the most part, employees (and especially the employees your organization relies on the most) have a wide variety of tasks and goals to accomplish through their week or even their day. As a result, they need an environment that offers different spaces for different tasks in order to get the optimal level of support. This means creating a layout that is accessible and flexible, offering a range of choices for working with others or working privately, holding a meeting or phoning a client. This allows employees to embrace their different roles fully and demonstrates a level of trust and independence that empowers people to take charge.

Unforced Collaboration

Great work only happens in a collaborative space when employees are doing collaborative work. It sounds obvious but it’s surprising how many organizations enforce a company-wide collaborative workspace when some roles and employees thrive better in a more private space that allows for quiet focus. Provide a range of collaborative spaces and allow people to choose to use them for certain types of work, for instance, chillout areas for casual brainstorming, quiet booths for one-on-one creative discussion, and quiet spaces for the focused work that follows. By providing this support, you reduce frustration and distractions while supporting the need for creativity and innovation, ensuring your employees feel able to do their work to the best of their ability.

Welcoming Comfort

Recently, there’s been a push in the contemporary office interiors sector to create spaces that are less like an office and more like a work-from-home space. By introducing creature comforts, warm colors, art, and decor to create a home-like space, your staff will feel more relaxed, energized, and welcome in your space. By creating a welcoming culture, you set the mindset of your team. And, this will help to foster a robust level of engagement and enthusiasm for the working day.

Contemporary Office Furniture for an Engaged and Productive Workspace

Whether you are prioritizing employee engagement and are considering a new office design and fit-out or whether you are moving to new premises, it’s important to have an office design partner who understands your needs. BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your commercial office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from modern office desks, ergonomic desks and modern office chairs to office design, fitment and furniture recycling. 

For more information or inspiring contemporary office furniture ideas, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

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