How to Start a BYORB Project for Your Office – And Why You Should

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Office managers are often torn between the portion of the workforce that values convenience and the people who are green-minded. As most people know, offices create a lot of waste in the form of everything from packaging and containers to coffee stirrers, paper, and garbage.

Changing employees’ perspective on waste reduction needs to start small. Implementing a Bring Your Own Reusable Bottle initiative is a great place to start if you want to combine modern office design ideas with actionable waste reduction strategies. Here is how to go about it:

Create a Sustainability Task Force

This is especially helpful in a large workforce where everybody doesn’t know each other’s name. Before you launch the Bring Your Own Reusable Bottle project, create a sustainability task force who is willing to start by bringing their own reusable bottles to work. Your waste reduction strategy is much more likely to stick if you have a group of people who are excited about the initiative.

Make the Transition Gradual

Sometimes, change can lead to anxiety. If you predict that it might be challenging to get everyone to switch to reusable bottles, leave a pack of plastic cups near the water cooler in plain sight for everyone to see. The chances are good that when the plastic cups are finished, people won’t know where to find more and it will simply seem like less effort to bring their own reusable bottles to work.

Get Your Own Made

If you have a budget for your Bring Your Own Reusable Bottle initiative, then this is a no-brainer. What better way to encourage employees to reduce waste than by giving them a personalized water bottle or a water bottle with the company logo on it? 

Give employees the impression that you are serious about their future and the future of the company’s sustainability program with contemporary office interiors and furniture. Contact BE Furniture for more information today.

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