How to Make Your Office Design Support Hiring Great Employees

No matter what field you are in, there is competition. Both in terms of hiring new talent and attracting new customers. Which means your business needs an advantage, an edge, something that makes your space stand out. In this article, our team at Business Environments will go over different ways you can add a “wow-factor” to your modern office space. 

Here are some tips for designing a modern office that can help attract customers and retain great employees:

  • Flexible Spaces

Modern employees value flexibility. Gone are the days of staying planted in your office chair from 9 to 5. Moving to different work areas helps keep employees motivated throughout the day. If one of your writers is suffering from a bad case of writer’s block, a change of scenery can keep the creative juices flowing. Providing different spaces for different tasks, such as quiet rooms, collaboration spaces, and standing desks, will give employees the freedom to work in whatever way they need to, to get the job done.

  • Natural Light

Studies show that exposure to natural light can boost mood and productivity, which is why it’s essential to incorporate plenty of natural light into your modern office design. Large windows, glass walls, and skylights can all help to bring natural light into the space. Not to mention, if you have space constraints, more light gives the illusion of a bigger, more open workspace. 

  • Comfortable and Unique Seating

Comfortable seating is essential for employees who can’t always break away from their workstations. Ergonomic task chairs can help prevent back pain and other issues associated with employees sitting for long periods of time. Another option are comfortable and funky lounge chairs that can provide a space for employees to relax during breaks – and serve as a fun conversation starter for new clients coming in. “Do you think this fire engine red sofa is loud enough?” 

  • Technology

The top talent in your industry are most likely well versed in technology. Which means they will expect the latest and greatest integrated within their workplaces. Providing high-speed internet, video conferencing equipment, dual monitors and convenient charging stations can help employees work efficiently and stay connected with clients and fellow colleagues.

  •  Breakout Spaces

All work and no play is no longer the way. Most (if not all) employees value a work-life balance. Taking breaks and dare we say – even having a little fun at work – is crucial to your employees’ overall satisfaction and productivity within their roles. One way to help with this is to provide spaces within your office where employees can take breaks, relax and connect with other members on your team. Breakout spaces such as cafes or game rooms can give employees a chance to recharge and socialize with their colleagues.

BE Furniture Creates Modern Work Cultures that Succeed

As we discussed above, companies need to attract and retain top talent to thrive in today’s competitive job market. The best way to do this is to create a whole work culture, starting with the layout of your office space and ending with how each area is furnished and what company-wide initiatives you incorporate to support each member of your team. Fortunately, this is exactly what we do and pride ourselves on at BE Furniture. We said it once and we’ll say it again, we are more than just commercial office furniture providers – we create complete workplace environments that facilitate employee collaboration, productivity and satisfaction. And we will do this on time and on budget! 

If you’re looking for a modern office remodel for your NJ business, give us a call or visit our website to learn more: https://www.befurniture.com/

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