How Technology Impacts Office Design

How Technology Impacts Office Design

When we think about technology in the office space some of us may remember fondly (or not fondly) days when cool office ergonomics was limited to a desk with hole in the corner to pass all those cables. But as anyone who has shopped for office furniture in the last 20 years may have noticed, the offering has evolved into something far more complex, exciting and interesting. If you’re considering building out your new office space and are looking for some cool furniture tech, read on and you’ll understand some things about how all this works to make your office environment not just modern, but a dynamic space that people will want to come to.

It’s Not Just About Enough Space and the Right Tech 

The problem with shopping for office tech is that many furniture distributors will push it without much thought to the underlying design it is to be used in. Their goal seems to be to make sure you have enough furniture to completely fill the space, throw in some cool gadgets and call it a day. At BE, we think this approach couldn’t be more wrong, both for the client and ultimately the distributor. The joy of a cool motorized desk fades rapidly in a space that is poorly planned, poorly layed out for optimum workflow and collaboration, and visually uninspiring to employees.

The office design your business needs promotes the mental, physical and social wellness of employees – not only to their benefit, but with a meaningful impact on your bottom line. Achieving this means approaching every aspect of the design – from furnishings, acoustics, lighting and technology, and your brand and company culture – creatively and with future goals in mind. In general we like to imagine where you’ll be at in 5 years, and design with an eye on that.

Technology should be incorporated in a way that is fully integrated with your employee’s and how your business operates. It should focus on convenience, security  and quick and effective communication. 

Employees are increasingly working not just at the office and at home, but in coffee shops and on-the go – making accessibility key to a functional and flexible office space. This is both an IT problem and an office design problem. The move to the more virtual work life is well underway and is being pushed by a younger workforce that prioritizes flexibility over traditional office design. This makes tech-integration and remote security a priority for businesses who want to attract and retain top talent.

Impact of Tech on the Traditional Office Functions 

Contemporary office design is not just about revolutionizing traditional offices into collaborative, activity-based workspaces, it’s about changing traditional office functions too. Take conference rooms, for example – a traditional workplace staple used for face to face gatherings. Technology has had a huge impact here, through table top tablets, keyboard integrated chairs, integrated tabletop conferencing and networking, audio/visual integrations, not to mention privacy and secure spaces of the rooms themselves. Enter 2020 and the pervasive use of Zoom and other virtual meeting tools, and many companies are looking to repurpose some of these spaces, or at least use them as something other than a closet. With the help of companies like BE, investments in office technology can be preserved while designing the correct workspace for the new reality of workplace collaboration and technology.

Design and Realize Innovative Contemporary Office Interiors in New Jersey

BE Furniture is a full-service specialist in contemporary office interiors, and our experienced team can assist you with everything from conceptualizing your brand and working environment, to choosing new conference room tables and contemporary office furniture, to managing construction and  fit-out of your office remodel. The integrated tech we have for your office is also state of the art and provides you the flexibility that the modern workforce demands.

 For more information about our products and services, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

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