Glass Partition Wall

Modern office furniture and design by BEBE Furniture’s office glass partition wall is a type of architectural wall that compliments any environment. When you want to make a statement or have a more open feel to your space, a glass walled conference room can add an elegant and timeless touch to your modern office layout. With options to have framed or frame less glass walls, BE Furniture’s office glass walls seamlessly integrate with base building architecture and interior walls of any type, configuration or finish.

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Below are a few examples of how businesses use Glass Office Walls and glass partitions in their layouts.

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Environment_Profile_Gate City Bank_4


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Architectural Wall Panels Solution #1

To discuss design choices and costs for these systems please call our design team at (973) 335-7700

Glass Partitions For Your Office Layout

BE Furniture’s glass office fronts and glass office partitions create inviting spaces filled with light, transparency and clean details bringing an air of sophistication to any environment while imposing a level of privacy.
You can use glass walls in an office front for instance, to keep a manager’s connection to their team, while allowing for closed door privacy through shades or switchable glass technology. These Architctural Glass Wall solutions combine sophistication with practicality to make BE Furniture’s glass office dividers and wallsan excellent choice for a modern office layout.

Movable Glass Walls vs. Fixed Glass Walls

Many companies do not realize that there are certain tax benefits that come with the installation of movable glass office walls vs. fixed. These savings are significant and can help defray the additional cost of glass walls for your office.

For more information on how these tax benefits work, please contact our team and we will happily take you through it.