Easy Seasonal Decor Swaps for the Office

Seasonal decor swaps for the office

Changing a few decor items around your office for the seasons is a great way to keep the decor fresh, engaging, and fun. It’s also an affordable way to update your design without an intensive overhaul. Here are some tips from our team that will brighten up your space.

#1 – Wall art

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping your larger items of wall art on your walls, you can easily freshen up the space by moving them around or swapping out smaller items. You can add a seasonal touch through the art you introduce. For example, soft florals or art in light greens and yellows are perfect for spring and summer, while rich reds and browns bring in warmth for the cooler months. It’s also a good idea to bring in textures at the same time. For example, antique gold frames will reflect light and bring a warmer feel for winter, while white or rustic wooden frames give a softer, natural feel for summer.

Our top tip: Wall art can be expensive, but there are some great affordable options you can use. Panels of wallpaper fixed to canvases is one great option – and commissioning pieces from local artists and art schools is another!

#2 – Soft furnishings

Resimercial design is all about making the office feel more welcoming, home-like, and comfortable. And soft furnishings play an important role in achieving this. When the seasons change, they also make great accent pieces you can easily and affordably swap out. For example, large velvet cushions are great in the cool months but can be changed to natural linen covers when it heats up. Similarly, you can swap out your thick, plush rugs for lightweight cotton rugs in the spring.

Our top tip: Save money on soft furnishings by looking for upcycled and unwanted items on Facebook Marketplace and in local vintage stores. Thrifted items aren’t just cheap, they are great for the environment and give your space a truly unique look.

#3 – Natural touches

Nature is inherently restorative for us all. Adding plants in a workplace helps purify the air, reduce stress, and increase productivity – not to mention that indoor plants are one of the biggest Instagram trends of the moment! Changing your plants based on the season is a great way to instantly freshen up your space and add color. Good examples include using low light, low maintenance plants like rubber trees and ficus in winter, but changing them out for flowering orchids, peace lilies, and ferns in the spring.

Our top tip: Buying new plants can be an expensive project and they do need to be looked after to look their best. One good idea is to contact a company that rents out office plants. They’ll recommend the best plants for your space, look after them, and change them out as you like.

#4 – A pop of color

Color plays an important role in creating the right energy for your workplace, but that doesn’t mean you need to repaint every season. This is where affordable swaps make a big difference! You can swap out deep jewel tone cushions, curtains, café umbrellas, and ornaments that are ideal for the winter with white, spring green, pale blue, yellow or pinks in the warmer seasons. These small pops of color add up to a big result, refreshing your space and catching the eye!

Our top tip: If you’re going to pick one space to make a seasonal décor swap out, make it an informal space that everyone uses on a regular basis. By refreshing your cafeteria, informal meeting space, reception, or brainstorming space, everyone gets to share the benefit of a seasonal update.

Curate your workspace with BE Furniture in NJ

BE Furniture is a leading supplier of office design services and office furniture in New Jersey, with an innovative approach that supports productivity, health, and engaged, positive work culture. We love a challenge, and that includes using design to affordably revitalize your workplace!

If you are starting your new office design, BE can create an office space that can be easily adjusted for seasonal décor. This can be achieved with curated interior design, architectural walls, and ergonomic solutions. Contact us today to talk about creating an office that works through every season.

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