Dos and Don’ts of Team Meetings in the Office

Team Meetings in the Office

In our last blog, we made the case of how important face-to-face meetings still are for business. However, there is a right and wrong way to conduct and participate in these in-person office meetings. The space you choose to hold the meeting in could also heavily contribute to how well the set goals are accomplished. With this in mind, our team of modern office designers at BE Furniture in NJ will delve into the dos and don’ts of office meeting etiquette, along with tips on selecting the right area within your office for productive meetings.

Do prepare an agenda. A well-prepared discussion plan is key for any successful meeting. Share it with participants in advance to ensure everyone knows the purpose, topics to be discussed, and the expected outcomes. This allows attendees to come prepared with relevant information and helps everyone stay on track during the meeting. 

Don’t go off on tangents. To maximize productivity, it’s important to stay focused on the meeting agenda. Avoid going off on tangents or engaging in unrelated discussions that can completely derail the meeting. If a topic pops up that’s not on the discussion plan, acknowledge it and schedule it for a future meeting to keep everyone on schedule. 

Do encourage active participation. Create a collaborative environment that encourages all team members to actively participate. You can do this by incorporating furniture pieces like whiteboards, shared workstations and lounge seating in your meeting space. Taking time to enhance your meeting room will help your employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas. Further ensuring everyone has an opportunity to contribute, and actively listen to others’ viewpoints.

Don’t dominate the conversation. While active participation should always be encouraged, it’s equally important to avoid dominating the conversation. Allow others to speak and share their thoughts without interruption. Remember, a successful meeting is a collective effort that benefits from varying perspectives.

Do set a time limit. Time management is crucial for productive meetings, and for ensuring other work tasks don’t become lost in the shuffle. Set a clear start and end time for the meeting and stick to it. Respect everyone’s time by avoiding unnecessary delays or extending the meeting beyond the scheduled time. Your team will appreciate the head’s up and will be able to plan their workday more effectively.

Don’t forget to follow-up. After the meeting concludes, it’s essential to follow up promptly. Share meeting minutes with attendees that highlight action items with concrete deadlines. Regularly track progress on the identified tasks and provide updates during subsequent meetings. Effective follow-up ensures accountability and keeps everyone informed.

Selecting the right meeting space

Do consider the meeting’s purpose. Choose a meeting space that aligns with the purpose and size of the gathering. Small conference rooms or huddle spaces are ideal for intimate discussions, while larger meeting rooms can accommodate big client presentations. Consider the need for technology, privacy, and comfort when making your selection.

Don’t underestimate the importance of comfort. Comfortable meeting spaces promote engagement and productivity. Ensure your office seating is well-designed with lumbar support, while also being conducive to collaboration. Adequate lighting, temperature control, and office acoustics also contribute to a comfortable space that allows for more effective communication.

Do utilize technology when possible. Incorporate the right technology to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration. This may include audio-visual equipment, video conferencing capabilities, interactive whiteboards, or other tools that enhance productivity during the meeting. Familiarize yourself with the technology before the meeting to avoid unnecessary disruptions.

Effective team meetings in the office require adherence to proper etiquette and consideration of the meeting space. By following the dos and don’ts outlined above, you can guarantee meetings that are productive, engaging and most of all – respectful of everyone’s time. 

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