Does Your Office Struggle with These Ergonomic Design Flaws?

Did you know that 31 percent of all occupational health injuries are linked to lower back pain and upper extremity muscular-skeletal disorders, according to OSHA? Companies who have ergonomic plans in place have not only been able to dramatically reduce the number of lost work days among their workforce, but they are also able to lower employee turnover.

The good news is that helping employees to avoid injuries and retaining your staff are not as costly as you might necessarily assume. Here are office ergonomic design flaws that you can easily change to improve the way your staff works:

Poor Lighting

Needless to say, your employees need adequate lighting to perform their tasks. Make sure that office areas are equipped with high-quality lighting so that nobody has to squint to read the words on their screens.

Lack of Adjustable Seats

People are unique, and the way they adjust their seats will vary from person to person. Adjustable seats can ensure that everyone is able to customize their workspace so that they are at the right height in front of their desks.

Lack of Sit Stand Desks

By now, most people have heard that sitting is the new smoking, but what is so bad about sitting? The fundamental principle is that a sedentary lifestyle and the physiological changes that ensue are harmful to us. There is a lot of evidence that shows physical inactivity is linked to higher morbidity and mortality.

Sit stand desks are a great alternative to conventional desks because it gives employees the option to stand for periods of the day.

Flexible Office Desks

Flexible office desks, such as those available from BE Furniture, enable employees to adjust virtually every aspect of their workstations to suit the tasks they need to perform.

For more information about ergonomic desks and office furniture, contact us today.

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