Design Elements Your Office Acoustics Should Have

Design Elements Your Office Acoustics Should Have

Adding acoustic solutions to your office is more than just putting up wall panels. First, it helps to understand the major design elements of office acoustics. Are you looking to mask sound or absorb it? How will the acoustic solution you pick redirect the sound? In this article, our team will cover which acoustic design elements you cannot sacrifice on. 

Strong Sound Absorption 

First and foremost, the office acoustic products should be designed to effectively absorb sound. This means that they should be made of materials that can effectively absorb sound waves, such as fiberglass, mineral wool, or polyester. Additionally, the products should have a high Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating, which is a measure of their ability to absorb sound. The higher the NRC rating, the better the product is at sound absorption. 

Shape and Size Matters

Another important design element to weigh is the product’s shape and size. Acoustic products that are larger and have a more complex shape will generally be more effective at absorbing sound than smaller, simpler products. Additionally, the products should be designed to be easily installed in a variety of different spaces, including walls, ceilings and floors.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

It’s equally important for office acoustic products to be visually pleasing, as they will be a part of the office space and will be seen by employees and visitors – day in and day out. First, look for something with a clean, sleek and modern aesthetic. Then, compare it to the overall design of the space. Does it complement your desired look and brand colors? Acoustic office products are a great way to add some boldness to your office space as they come in a variety of different colors, textures, and shapes.

Is Maintenance Easy?

Acoustics should also be easy to maintain, clean and replace if necessary. It’s important that they are made of durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of a busy office environment and be easy to clean with regular cleaning products.

Reduce Echos and Reverberation 

Another key design element is the product’s ability to reduce echo and reverberation. Echo and reverberation happen when sound waves bounce off of hard surfaces, such as walls, floors and ceilings. These reflections can make it difficult for employees to hear and understand what is being said in certain parts of the office, and they can also contribute to high noise levels overall. To reduce echo and reverberation, office acoustic products should be designed to scatter sound waves, rather than reflect them. This can be achieved through the use of diffusers, which are designed to scatter sound waves in different directions, or through the use of porous materials, which have stronger absorption.

Environmentally Conscious

With the world moving more and more towards “being green,” it’s important to consider the environmental impact of the products you choose. They should be made of sustainable, recyclable materials and produced in an ethically responsible manner. This will ensure that the products are not only good for the environment, but also good for the health of employees and other visitors.

Designing Quiet Offices in New Jersey and BEyond

When deciding on office acoustic products, it’s important to consider each design element listed above. Acoustics should be designed to effectively absorb sound, have a high NRC rating, be visually pleasing, easy to maintain, reduce echo and reverberation, and be environmentally friendly. By considering these factors, office acoustic products can help to create a more comfortable, productive, and visually appealing business environment for your employees, vendors and clients. Here at BE Furniture, we can help you from start to finish by designing your ideal office layout and then furnishing it with products that solve common workplace problems, like too much noise. 

Please visit our website to found out more about what BE can do for your modern office in NJ: https://www.befurniture.com/

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