Creating an Office Space Employees will want to Work in

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Great offices are much more than high-quality desks and chairs encapsulated by four walls. When done right, they are spaces that draw people in and make them want to work for you. Progressive workspaces enhance employee wellness, and make it easier in every way for employees to get their jobs done. If you’re looking to revamp your current space, here are some tips on designing an office employees will want to work in and look forward to using each day, from the team at BE Furniture.

Create the right atmosphere

Great atmosphere is one of those things that can be difficult to define – but you certainly know when a space has it! It’s essentially layers of qualities that create the right mood and the right impact on your senses. In a doctor’s office, you want the atmosphere to be hygienic, professional, confident, and welcoming. In a wedding planning space, you’ll want a sense of creativity, inspiration, and joy. And in a lawyer’s office, you’ll feel a sense of reassurance, expertise, and authority.

This isn’t just for the benefits of your clients, but your staff as well. It solidifies your brand, your expectations of your employees, your values, and it helps people better engage with your objectives. The right atmosphere creates pride and purpose in your employees, showing them that they’re in the right place and setting the tone for their working day.

Plan around workflow and operational activities

Design is as much about creating a functional space as it is about creating an attractive one. When a design doesn’t address how your team uses the space (or would like to use the space), traffic bottlenecks, the right balance of privacy and collaboration, or current complaints about the workplace, it’s going to create frustration and stress rather than engagement and enthusiasm.

With that in mind, don’t be afraid to get feedback from your staff and involve them in the design process. They need to be able to use the space every day, so they’ll be more aware of where issues lie and where it can be optimized. This also creates a sense of personal pride and buy-in to the design, making it a space where people want to work.

Balance function and aesthetics

The last thing you want is your office to look cookie-cutter. At the same time, you want to be able to provide operational spaces based on what functions you are hosting in your space. This is where office design specialists can help you merge functionality with original design. Some great ideas include introducing resimercial features that combine a feeling of home comforts with functionality – bringing in natural light, outdoor elements, and soft furnishings into spaces for meetings, collaboration, focused work, or flexible teams. Expect to see concepts for multi-work spaces that involve luxurious fabrics and well-thought-out color schemes, biophilic-designed café spaces for socializing and informal collaboration, high-tech functionality with hidden wiring/wireless capabilities, and ergonomic furniture that support comfort, wellness and productivity.

Design an office space your employees and clients will love to be in

You and your staff spend most of the day in a communal work environment, so it’s essential to make this space enjoyable and functional. As we mentioned before, if you want it to be a space that’s productive, efficient, and engaging – it may be time to gather employee feedback before coming to an office design specialist. Whatever the size of your space or your industry, the talented and experienced team at BE Furniture will design and bring to life an office that your employees will love to be in. Call us today about creating your ideal workspace or visit our website for more information at: https://www.befurniture.com/

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