How to create the most effective hot-desking workspace

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Hot-desking – it’s the buzzword of the year when it comes to modern office design ideas. But like any other trend, it only works when approached and applied in a considered way. Here are some tips about how to develop and implement this office space configuration effectively from your contemporary office furniture specialists:

Understand hot desking concerns:

For many employees, having their own, dedicated space in which to work is important. They need:

      • A safe space to store their own things,
      • To keep their seats adjusted to the correct level, and
      • To know that they won’t have to fight for space every morning just to get their work done.

Consider ways in which your office can manage these concerns: from having private locker space and sectioned-off office spaces for quiet or more private work, as well as strict cleaning up policies.

It’s not just about undesignated desks:

While the main attraction of hot-desking is that employees can work wherever it suits them and network amongst themselves with ease, this flexibility should be extended to outside the office as well to prevent that fight for space. Flexi-time, work-from-home days and outdoor workspaces balance this in-office flexibility, ensuring that employees have space and an environment that works best for them.

Don’t go full open-plan:

Open-plan office spaces are standard in modern businesses as they allow you to fit the most employees at any one time. But with hot-desking and the flexibility that comes with it, you’ll find that your office flow changes. People working in teams may prefer brainstorming on couches or in a boardroom. Others will seek out a quiet spot for client calls and still others will work from home. Part of hot-desking is creating these spaces conducive to different tasks and levels of privacy. So, it’s important to meet these needs.

Design and implement a practical and rewarding hot-desking environment 

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