Considering a Kitchenette in your Office?

Considering a Kitchenette in your Office?

When it comes to designing an office, it’s natural to think about desking systems, boardrooms, and reception areas first. But it’s also important to consider break spaces and less formal – though no less functional – rooms like kitchen spaces, recreational spaces, and dining areas. Although it’s not the first consideration for your office remodel, it should absolutely be on the list. Here are some of the top benefits of adding a kitchenette into your modern office space:

5 benefits of a kitchenette in your office

1 – Relaxation

Spaces to relax in are actually very important to maintaining the productivity levels of a high-performance team. Research has shown that a 10–20-minute break every 50 minutes improves productivity, creativity and engagement, making for more powerful, effective teams. This is because taking a break allows our minds to explore thoughts and concepts, can drive problem-solving and boost energy and focus levels.

2 – Reducing screen time

According to experts, hours and hours of close-up screen time doesn’t do our health or wellbeing any good. With almost every job being screen-based, not to mention our smartphones we’re constantly checking, breaks from looking at a screen are a very good thing. Too much screen time leads to eye strain, headaches and fatigue – none of which are beneficial to your teams. A relaxing kitchen space is the perfect spot for a quick break, to grab coffee with a colleague and refresh the eyes and mind.

3 – Healthy eating

A healthy team is a working team, with less absenteeism and health issues. Having a kitchenette means it’s easier for your staff to stock and have easy access to healthy, fresh meals rather than relying on takeout and delivery. You can always support this further by bringing in healthy snacks and meals into your onsite kitchen space.

4 – Socializing and networking

It’s often said that more work gets done around the watercooler! A kitchenette in your office is a space for employees of all levels to bond over food, get face time with managers, and build stronger relationships with team members. It becomes the heart of your office where you get to know one another alongside the coffee machine and build a sense of belonging.

5 – Informal meeting space

A kitchenette doesn’t just have to be a space for meals! With today’s focus on multifunctional office design, kitchens can be designed as café spaces for informal client and team meetings, space for brainstorming sessions where you won’t disrupt other staff members, and much more. They are highly versatile, enjoyable spaces that your staff will love using for all kinds of work-related activities.

Custom office kitchen design from BE Furniture

BE furniture is a modern office design company serving New Jersey and the tristate area. Our talented in-house team can design a space that not only looks good, but is functional, progressive and comfortable for your employees. They will manage all aspects of your project, from your office design and fit-out to furnishings and interior design.

To learn more, give us a call today or visit our website at: https://www.befurniture.com/

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