Common Office Design Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Common office design mistakes

Today more than ever, office design is recognized as a key element for a productive, high-performance organization. Your layout and office furniture should be set up to support everyday workflow efficiently and prioritize the wellbeing of your employees. Modern office design should also make a statement. How do you want to appear to potential clients who first walk into your space? There is a lot to take into account when designing your modern work environment and it’s important to be aware of common mistakes people make during the design process. Our key office design team at BE has compiled a list of the most common office design mistakes that you don’t want to overlook.

  • Incorrect layout. Your physical layout – from the space allocations for teams and equipment to how you plan these spaces – directly impacts workflow. It’s not really about trends, although these can be a great source of inspiration. Instead, it’s all about making a physical environment that’s bespoke to how your teams work. To avoid this issue, you need to ask key questions: Do certain teams need to collaborate and brainstorm in person as they work? Do you need spaces for confidential or highly focused work? Does your reception need to accommodate clients or regular deliveries? Who needs easy access to what resources?

  • Poor lighting. Lighting that is too low or too harsh is a real headache to work with. It can trigger eyestrain and headaches, and a lack of natural lighting affects our natural biological rhythms, which negatively impacts concentration, productivity, and physical health. Employees who feel well work at their full potential, so try to bring in as much natural light as possible. You could also mix different types of lighting to achieve certain results. For example, provide softer ambient light in break spaces for a sense of calmness and good, bright LED lights for more focused tasks.

  • Cramped spaces with limited movement. Small offices can work just as well for an organization as large spaces – if they are designed right. A good office design is about maximizing the usable space available, creating productivity bubbles where employees can work without feeling like they are all on top of each other. With clever storage, wall and desking solutions, office designers can create enough breathing room for everyone that keeps clutter out of the way, gives everyone enough elbow room and room for their equipment, and prevents the flared tempers and conflicts that come with being too close together.

  • Lack of break spaces. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking every inch of your office needs to be all about work. But the reality is that the ability to take a break and move between environments every hour or so is proven to support productivity more. Break spaces for eating lunch, hosting informal meetings, or just working on your own in a different setting are critical for a high-performance team. Having recreational spaces, appliances, and comfortable furniture is also a good opportunity for adding character to your office.

  • Storage problems. Storage is often the least considered aspect of office design, and yet it’s so important! If you’ve ever lived or worked in a space with too little, too much, or poorly designed storage, you know just how quickly it can become a nightmare of clutter, underutilized space, tripping hazards, fire hazards, and other impracticalities. In the initial phase of your office design, spend time considering your storage needs. Where can your employees store their items? Do you need to take deliveries regularly? How much does your office send out or receive on a weekly basis? Is your storage easily accessible for the right people?

Avoid common office design mistakes – BE will design your NJ office the right way, the first time.

BE Furniture is a team of New Jersey-based office design specialists focused on making innovative office ideas come to life. With a sustainable and modern approach to office design in the tri-state area, we work one-on-one with you to create a functional and exceptional space that reflects your values as a business and how you work. From complete office remodeling and design services to hotdesking and sit-to-stand desk options, ergonomic office furniture and modern office cubicles, we can supply it all. 


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