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Smart Office Chairs – Is Ergonomics Out-Dated?

As specialists in contemporary office furniture, we talk a lot about the importance of ergonomics – the ability of your office furniture to support you while you work and not strain your back and neck. Of course, innovative technology and designs are constantly introducing new and exciting ways to create a healthy and productive office space, and the smart chair is the latest of many contemporary office furniture ideas to extend our understanding of a healthy workplace. Here’s what the smart office chair is all about, and how it can fit into your workplace

The Cost of Posture Problems in the Workplace

The human body is not designed to sit, especially for the long hours that an office job requires. With the average office worker spending 9 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, we are getting more sedentary every day. The result is that common and often serious ailments are spiraling out of control, from repetitive strain injuries and neck or back pain to increased risks of obesity and hypertension. As a result, 86% of workers are overweight and have at least one chronic health condition, and absenteeism is on the rise – and costing companies in the USA $153 billion. The solution may be the smart office chair.

What is the Smart Office Chair and How Does it Work?

A smart office chair is one that makes use of innovative technology and connectivity to create a more integrated and effective solution to everyday office tasks and challenges. The Allsteel Mimeo is a good example of this design – a compact, stylish office chair that takes ergonomic design to new heights. It offers dynamic support while allowing you to move unrestricted as you fulfill different tasks through the day, supporting you by providing personalized comfort through resistive tension and IntelliForm back technology as you lean back, height-adjustable arms, weight-activated motion technology and more. It’s lightweight and scaled design means it fits seamlessly into collaborative office designs.

In the near future, we can expect this smart technology to get smarter and become more connected, allowing organizations and individuals to monitor how long a chair is in use and how often in order to help managers design a more efficiently furnished space, to use sensors to monitor seated posture and make incremental, personalized adjustments in response, and even encourage you to move around, stretch or take a break if you have been seated for too long. Rather than relying on individual users to make ergonomic adjustments, smart chairs will even adjust itself to the ideal ergonomic position for the individual, which is always a challenge when fitting out an office for ergonomics – especially in a hot-desking environment.

With advanced ergonomic capabilities that directly impact employee performance and wellbeing, smart office chairs are sophisticated pieces of technology that bring together the best of ergonomics, sustainability and technology for impressive results.

Create a Healthy Office Space with Innovative Ergonomic Contemporary Office Furniture and Design

Interested in taking a stand for wellness in the workplace and creating a stylish, productive, and enjoyable work environment? BE Furniture is the right team for the job!

As specialists in contemporary office furniture, we can assist you with every phase of your project, from design concept through to remodeling and furnishing your space. Whether you are looking for an ergonomic solution to support your staff or protective furnishings to make your space compliant with COVID-19 regulations, we can assist you.

To find out more about the products and services we offer, or to view contemporary office interiors we have designed, please contact us today.

Training Company? Here’s How to Design Your Space

Training and upskilling employees is a critical part of being a competitive and forward-thinking business. So, it’s no surprise that top training companies are thriving. Your training space not only says a lot about your business, but also has to be functional. This often means that designing it can be a challenge. Here are some insights from our contemporary office furniture team in NJ.

  • Calm and Neutral:

You’re going to have people from all industries, walks of life and all levels of the corporate world coming to you for training, so the space needs wide appeal. Calm, neutral, and warm colors make people feel welcome and focused, and reduces distractions, supporting the mindset they need to learn.

  • Mobile, Adaptable Furniture:





You’re going to be training groups of different sizes, and possibly even splitting them up to work on different skill sets. So, your furniture needs to be easily moved, split up, and re-grouped as you require. Lightweight chairs and tables, as well as modular units, are best.

  • Presentation Space:

You need a free wall or space where presentation boards, whiteboards or digital presentations can take place for the group – keeping in mind that some training specialists make use of multiple types of media when they’re teaching.

  • Good Lighting:

Training often means intensive learning and long hours, so your lighting has to be perfect if you want people to be able to concentrate and focus during their session. A combination of natural and artificial light (preferably LED lights as they are gentler on the eyes and don’t flicker) is best.

  • Stay Refreshed:

The last thing your space will need is an easily accessible refreshment station. This is a great addition for training rooms as it means participants won’t have to leave the room or miss out on anything if they need a juice, soda, water or snack

Make Your Training Space a Priority with Our Contemporary Office Interiors Specialists


If you are redesigning or remodeling your training space, it’s important to have a partner who understands both contemporary office interiors and the needs of your industry. BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your commercial office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from conference room tables and contemporary office furniture to office design, fitment, and furniture recycling. For more information or inspiring contemporary office furniture ideas, please contact us today or visit our website at

Designing an Office Cafeteria? Here’s What to Do!

Office cafeterias are a hub for your workplace – a space to unwind, reenergize, talk to colleagues, and even hold informal meetings. Although it’s an often-overlooked space, according to research by Steelcase, 91% of employees feel that they need a space to recharge at work. Gone are the days of plastic trays shuttling along a silver rail while workers shovel scoops of reinvented mash potatoes onto your plate. In the modern office, eating at the company cafeteria is an experience no different than going to a fun, modern restaurant. Bringing modern office design ideas into your cafeteria space is a perfect marriage of form, fun, and functionality.

  • Welcoming Decor:

Everyone should feel welcome and at home as soon as they walk into your cafeteria, helping them relax and unwind. Use natural lighting, art, and color to create a vibrant yet relaxing ambiance. Opening it up to the outdoors adds that much-needed dose of vitamin D as well as a cafè vibe.

  • Create Gathering Spaces:

Eating at a long bare lunch table is also yesterday’s news. Modern cafeteria’s create grouped spaces that make it both easy to eat but also easy to interact in a cozy informal way. Depending on the size of the cafeteria, designs will balance the need for simultaneous seating with area’s that can double as gathering or meeting area’s for small groups. Introduce a “cool” factor to these areas through design and seating options. You can enhance your productivity, as well as feeding your teams.

  • Access to Tech:

If your business encourages employees to work flexible hours and pick their own surroundings, then your cafeteria can support this. Pop-up power allows employees to charge devices and run laptops from this space, and Wi-Fi keeps everyone in touch. This means you can hold meetings here in casual, coffee shop-type surroundings – everyone’s favorite kind of mobile working hotspot.

  • Don’t Forget about the Food:

The current generation of workers are more health conscious than any generation before. Any worthwhile cafeteria has to have a wide variety of fresh fruits, healthy snacks, salads and sandwiches as well as coffee, tea, and juices to help your employees keep their blood sugar levels stable and encourage wellness in the workplace. Don’t forget about gluten free options as well as more and more americans choose this lifestyle. Don’t underestimate how gourmet level food options and an inviting space conspire to make your company the place to be for your teams.

  • Comfortable but Hygienic:

Cafeteria furniture should be comfortable, but easy to clean and maintain. BE furniture represents many manufactures that achieve this perfect balance between high traffic modern furniture that is durable, beautiful, and easy to maintain. Because this is a food space, it’s important that it’s kept very clean, that food is prepared according to strict health standards, and that tables and chairs are cleaned regularly.

Need Help Designing the perfect Office Restaurant/Cafe’ Space?

 At BE Furniture, we assist our clients in achieving an optimal workspace for their business that balances, design, functionality, and the culture of the company that you are trying to create. Whether you are looking to remodel your current cafeteria completely or replace your office furniture with contemporary office furniture, our experienced team can handle it all.

For more information about our design services for in-office restaurants, contemporary office interiors and reception areas, which include corporate office furniture, movable walls, glass partition wall units, desks furniture, and more, please contact us today or visit our website at

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Essential Ergonomic Wellness Tips That Any Office Can Implement

Remember when you were younger and your parents or teachers would reprimand you for slouching? While many of us would want great posture, we are a nation of slouchers. Slouching isn’t just an aesthetic problem it can also lead to back problems – something that costs American companies over $100 billion each year.

It may seem like slouching isn’t something that can be fixed, with most office workers spending an average of 38 minutes out of every hour in bad posture. There are, however, a few essential ergonomic wellness tips that every office should implement to combat bad posture. Below we mention a few:

Be Comfortable

If you are sitting at your desk in front of your computer and something feels off, it’s time to move. Re-adjust yourself so that you are always working in a comfortable position.

Sit Properly in Your Office Chair

The right position is to ‘sit on your butt bones’. Move your bottom to the back of your office chair so that your pelvis faces your desk. This way, your body won’t have to expend a lot of energy for you to sit up straight.

Put Your Keyboard in the Right Place

You will never be in a comfortable sitting position if your keyboard isn’t positioned correctly. Sit in front of your desk and drop your arms so that they hang by your sides. Relax your shoulders and bend your elbows. The place where your fingertips are is where you should put your keyboard.

Move Around the Office

Spend at least between 5 and 10 minutes of every hour on your feet or moving around.

Set Reminders

Set a reminder on your computer to remind you to focus on your posture each day. Simply thinking about the way you sit and how you can reposition yourself will keep your posture front and center.

Get a Better Desk from BE Furniture

Sit stand desks, adjustable height desks, and flexible office desks from BE Furniture are designed for better ergonomics. Whether you need a desk where you can choose to sit or stand, or simply need a bit of extra height to your table, we have got the perfect solution for you.

Contact BE Furniture for more information today.

Designing An Effective Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces are big business all over the USA and the world, with dedicated co-working spaced growing from zero to 11,000 in just ten years – and set to increase by another 15,000 by 2020. With the industry picking up speed, it’s vital for designers to create the most effective spaces out there in order to maintain that competitive edge. Here are some great tips on designing the best co-working spaces, from our contemporary office furniture specialists.

  • Reflect how the workplace is changing: Co-working spaces started as cheap alternatives to traditional offices during the economic crunch – a space where freelancers and independent contractors could meet and work without breaking the bank. Now, these spaces are growing in popularity with salaried employees for businesses seeking an affordable solution to workplace space shortages. Keeping this in mind can help you design for – and help you attract – big business clients like KPMG and GE who favor this option.
  • Focus on what people enjoy about co-working: Why do people like co-working spaces? They are inexpensive, flexible, centrally located, offer networking opportunities, and promote a work-life balance. These should then be the focus of your design – allowing clients to hold meetings in larger rooms as well as use busy hot desks and quiet spaces, keeping costs down but functional quality high, and creating a space that is inspiring and enjoyable as well as practical.
  • Utilities first, interior design later: While the ambience of a space is an essential part of successful co-working spaces, your first investment should be in function – high-speed Internet is a must-have, along with durable office furniture like sit-stand desks, and ergonomic office chairs. Good lighting, preferably balanced with good natural lighting, is another essential that will draw people to your space.
  • The work-life balance: Co-working spaces that thrive usually embody a philosophy of work-life balance and casual networking. They often feel more like a coffee shop or an informal gathering of likeminded people than a traditional workplace. Ensuring that your space combines wellness with work, creativity with competition is key to achieving this balance, and the use of art, nature and comfort-driven features are some of the ways this can be achieved.

Find the right contemporary office interiors partner for your co-working space 

If you are designing a new co-working space, our team is here to help. In addition to our wide range of contemporary office furniture, architectural glass walls and interior design features, we can also assist you with workspace design and fitment. For more information on our services and contemporary office furniture ideas, please contact us today or visit our website at