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Employer’s Guide to Developing a Sit-Stand Workstation Policy

Sit-stand desks have become a popular feature in offices across every industry as employees and businesses look for practical ways to support wellness in the workplace. A sit-stand desk policy is essential for providing structure, control and a fair approach to this ergonomic solution.

The Problem with Sitting

Sitting has been called “the new smoking” because of the damage to our health our sedentary lifestyles are causing. Whether we’re working in an office, watching TV, driving, or having a meal, we’re simply sitting too much for our own good. 

The Mayo Clinic reports that sitting for long periods of time is linked to serious health concerns like high blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even increased risks of cardiovascular disease and cancers. Even for people who regularly exercise, the health risks from sitting for the rest of the day are significant. 

We simply need to stand up and move around more regularly throughout the day and change our lifestyles to better support our health and productivity – and that means changing our offices.

Why Have a Sit-Stand Desk Policy?

  • New workstations are costly – Outfitting an office space is a costly project that quickly spiral out of control if you want to invest in every new product that comes on the market. It’s impractical, costly and disruptive. Standing office desks and adjustable height desks are good solutions to the issue of sitting too long – but they shouldn’t be invested in without research, budgeting and input from all stakeholders.
  • Sit-stand desks aren’t for everyoneA lot of literature about sit-stand desks and standing office desks tends to emphasize the benefits to health, posture and productivity without recognizing that they don’t work for everyone or even every work situation. Without a clear and well thought-out policy, you may end up in investing in sit-stand desks only to find that many employees preferred the old workstations, or would’ve preferred alternative ergonomic desks.
  • Get important inputAs with any project, it is important to get the input of all stakeholders, from those who are spending the money to those that are utilizing the solution. A policy allows all stakeholders to evaluate different solutions and come up with an environment that supports the best levels of productivity, health and comfort throughout the organization.

Features to Consider in Your Workplace Policy

  • Hot desking or common spaces – Give employees the ability to move between different types of workstations for different tasks by creating common areas where sit-stand desks are available for use. This gives employees a means to test out this solution for themselves and use it when needed, creating a flexible workspace.
  • Comply with medical needs – Prioritize employees who can present a medical certification for their need to stand rather than sit at a desk. Explore different sit-stand workstations and standing desks to find an option that supports their functional abilities, limitations and daily tasks.
  • Ergonomic desks – Sit-stand desks are not the only option to support employee heath at their workstation. Many ergonomic desks can be properly adjusted to better support sitting health, while others have functionality to allow employees to sit or stand as needed in order to take breaks during the day while remaining productive.
  • Support standing comfort – If you want a healthier workplace and to make standing desks more accessible, then company policies have to support comfort while standing. Cushioned mats to stand on, a comfortable shoe policy, regular breaks and no high heels are essential parts of a successful policy.

Behavioral support – Standing office desks, adjustable height desks, and flexible office desks are just one small part of workplace wellness. Organizations need to support more frequent breaks from sitting by encouraging employees to stand while answering phones, walking to a co-worker to discuss something rather than sending an email, regular breaks of 10 minutes for each hour of work, standing during presentations, and generally walking more in the workplace.

The Benefits Resimercial Design In The Workplace

Resimercial is a growing trend in forward-thinking businesses, especially in industries that value talent retention and want to bring employees back to the office to experience a comfortable yet productivity-driven space. Here’s how this modern office design idea, which seeks to balance commercial needs with the comfort of home, offers practical benefits to the workplace.

Features of Resimercial Design

Before we look at the benefits of this modern office design idea, it’s good to get an ideal of what this type of design looks like. Good resimercial design can be made to fit any work environment, formal or informal, and generally focuses on the following elements:

  • Natural lighting – No harsh fluorescents or intrusive lighting. Natural light is maximized and supported with warm LED ambient lighting and individual task lighting. Light fittings are used to create visual focal points and add style to space.
  • Comfort – Comfortable seating on chairs, couches and office seating similar to high-end homes and hotels. Multiple seating areas for guests, collaborative events and meetings. Seating is part of the design, often using durable but striking upholstery along with pillows and throws.
  • Accessories – Home-like accessories like art, lamps and rugs are part of the overall design, creating visually-interesting and warm space.
  • Amenities – High-end amenities add to the atmosphere of comfort and wellness while supporting productivity. This includes café spaces, catering options and onsite coffee facilities.

Alignment with a Flexible Working Environment

Today’s employees want to be – and are expected to be – far more flexible with their work hours and work environment. This is something that has been drastically accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With employees being allowed to work from home or from environments of their choice comes the realization that home comforts can help support wellness and productivity while creating a supportive and positive space. 

Resimercial design is one of the greatest modern office design ideas because it takes the best things about working at home (comfort, informality and amenities) or working at the office (great tech, Wi-Fi and quiet spaces) while leaving all the negatives behind, creating an ideal work environment that is both comfortable and productive – perfect for today’s flexible employees.

Easy Zoning

One of the reasons that the open plan office design has fallen by the wayside is that this design leaves little room for effective zoning. Sure, you want your employees to be able to communicate, collaborate and brainstorm easily – but not in a way that interrupts or frustrates other people who are trying to focus on their tasks.

Resimercial design mimics the zoning we gravitate to in our homes; a combination of communal gathering spaces (especially in eating and seating spaces) and quiet, private spaces where you can relax and focus on a task or individual meetings without risk of interruption.

Clever resimercial designs use subtle strategies to create a natural flow of collaborative groups to certain spaces, separating them neatly from task-driven spaces without creating a sense of isolation or exclusion. Movable walls, glass walls, raised floors and more are all used to create subtle zoning throughout the office space that designates different spaces by function using effective but not intrusive boundaries.

Employee Wellness

Supporting employee wellness is an increasingly important trend for businesses that want to reduce absenteeism, increase employee engagement and ensure that they can retain loyal, high-value employees.

Resimercial design helps support this by creating a space that employees want to be in, that is easy to work in (whatever their task) and creates a sense of pride in their organization. This design trend is not about throwing some beanbags on the floor, baking cookies in the cafeteria or making it look like the average American home – it’s an aspirational design that marries the benefits of high-end, comfortable living to the high-tech, productive office space. With features like comfortable seating areas, art, warm lighting, rugs, noise control, wellness features and great catering, your employees are uplifted, supported and highly-motivated to keep their spot.

Take Your Office into the Future with Resimercial Design

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