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What Are Active Office Workstations?

Office cubicle systems and modern office workstations have changed a lot from their predecessors of the 60s and 70s, with an increasing sense of style, collaboration, and employee wellness over saving space. The latest in this office wellness offering is the active workstation. Here’s what it’s all about, from our NJ commercial office furniture team.

What Is an Active Office Workstation? 

This is a category that includes commercial office furniture that is designed to support healthy activity and wellness in the office. This includes treadmill desks, sit-stand desks, ergonomic workstations, and ergonomic chairs.

The Importance of Employee Wellness 

Employee wellness is a huge trend right now, and it’s easy to see why. When employees are healthy and comfortable, absenteeism due to illness and injury decreases, engagement and productivity increases, and employees feel more valued by the organization.

Of course, active workstations are just one part of a comprehensive employee wellness program, which can include everything from healthy snacks and meals to company fitness programs, natural lighting, relaxation spaces, and healthcare programs. However, because we spend so much time sitting inactively at our desks (an average of 6.5 hours a day according to research by the National Center for Health Statistics), it’s a great place to start.

In fact, creating active workstations for your staff can have a significant and important impact on employee health. For instance, it can help to prevent many health problems related to sedentary lifestyles, which include higher risks of heart problems, certain cancers, weight gain, poor circulation, and even early death.

Including Active Office Workstations in Your Office Design 

There’s a huge variety of options for active office workstations and office cubicle systems. That is why it’s important to work with your team and your office furniture partner to find products and solutions that work for individuals as well as your industry.

BE Furniture is a full-service corporate office furniture company offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services for commercial office interiors. We’ll work with you to deliver an office design through our office CAD design services that supports your organizational culture, employee wellness, and positions your business for success.

In addition to design and fitment services, we also offer earth-friendly recycling of old office interiors. For more information on our contemporary office furniture, sit-stand desks, office cubicle systems, and modern office furniture services, please contact us today or visit our website at

Tips for Keeping Your Workstation Tidy

As the saying goes, an untidy desk is a sign of an untidy mind! While plenty of us may disagree, we have to admit that there are a lot of benefits from having a well-organized and clutter-free workstation. Here’s how to get on top of all that mess:

  • Take stock: It’s easy for our workstations and desks to get lost under both physical and digital clutter. The first step to organize your space is to take stock of what’s actually there. Sort your clutter into what’s essential and what’s not, recycle old documents you don’t need, throw out the trash and sort out your inbox. If you’re still swamped under piles of documents, now’s the time to add a filing cabinet to your workstation. Going forward, it may be a good idea to implement a paperless policy to stop the clutter from piling up – and its kind to the environment too!
  • Tackle those cables: Sometimes it seems like there isn’t a single space free of cables at a desk! Remove all cables that aren’t necessary and invest in some cable organizers. These clip your cables neatly out of the way and are pretty fun too – you can get Wonder Woman ones, bright colors, flowers or Star Wars memorabilia!
  • Take your lunch away: Eating at your desk is a serious source of mess, from dropped crumbs and grease to wrappers and stains. Instead, take your lunchbreak away from your desk, whether its outdoors at a café table or in the canteen. This is also a good way to ensure you take a break, blow off some steam, socialize and relax.
  • Make your workspace your own: There’s nothing more motivational than investing in yourself and the same goes for your workstation. A new, more functional desk could be just what you need to stay organized or an ergonomic chair that makes it more comfortable to work at your workstation. Even something as simple as adding a few plants, great notebooks, new stationery or even some of your favorite photos can make you feel more at home at your desk.

A Cleaner, More Organized Office Through Modern Office Workstation Desks 

BE Furniture in New Jersey can help you create a functional and appealing workspace that supports your brand. In addition to our wide range of office furniture, including modern office chairs and modular office workstation furniture, our contemporary office interiors team can also assist you with workspace design and fitment. We also offer eco-friendly recycling options for all your old office furniture and fittings. For more information on our services and products, including our range of corporate office furniture, please contact us today or visit our website at

AI is Coming to your Office – Here are the Latest Insights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer limited to the realm of science fiction – it’s in our workplaces and is making a measurable impact on how we do business. Here are some insights from our corporate office furniture team.

Chatbots and Voice Assistants 

One of the most high-impact applications of AI is in the rise of chatbots and voice assistants. According to a tech report from Spiceworks, a survey of 500 IT professionals in both North America and Europe revealed that over 40% of large businesses are expecting to implement one or more AI chatbots on company-owned devices in the next year. 25% of mid-sized companies and 27% of small business are planning similar moves.

So, what platforms are making the biggest impact?

Microsoft Cortana is currently holding the position of most-used intelligent assistant in the workplace at 49% (thanks to its integration with Windows 10) This is followed by Apple’s Siri at 47%. Another 23% of organizations also use Google Assistant and 13% are using Amazon’s Alexa.

For chatbots, 14% of organizations are utilizing them when integrated into collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, while an additional 10% of organizations are planning to develop their own AI chatbots for internal application.

Automate Mundane Tasks 

When it comes to how these AI tools are being utilized in the workplace, the focus is on automating mundane tasks that don’t require creativity, saving time and resources. This includes tasks like voice-to-text dictation, calendar management and even supporting customer service roles. Clearly, AI is here to make a lasting impact on the future of business.

Modern Office Workstation Desks, Modular Office Workstation Furniture – And More 

If you want to make the most of your office design and space, our team is here to help. In addition to our wide range of modular and corporate office furniture, we also offer full workspace design and fitment services. For more information on services, please contact us today or visit our website at


Active Sitting – What’s It All About?

If you’ve been researching corporate office furniture or thinking about redesigning your office interior, you’ve likely come across the phrase “active sitting”. Here’s a quick guide to what it’s all about.

Active sitting is also known as dynamic sitting, and it is about keeping the body in motion while seated, rather than remaining in a static position. Products that promote this concept allow for the natural movements of the body, and include a wide range of seating options like balance balls, sit-to-stand desks, and height-adjustable wobbling stools.

While these ideas might sound a little strange, there’s a lot of research that supports this idea as a means to remove the health issues that static sitting contribute towards. The Mayo Clinic links long periods of sitting with increased blood pressure, risk of metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar, weight gain, abnormal cholesterol levels, and even increased risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease. This is not to mention the joint and limb pain/discomfort that can be caused by a non-ergonomic workstation.

Active sitting helps reduce these risks by ensuring that your body is constantly in natural motion through minor spine and hip alignment adjustments, gentle stimulation to the hip and back muscles, healthy joint movement, increased blood flow, and increased oxygen levels. This has the added benefit of increasing your energy, focus and concentration levels, which brings about a productivity boost. It’s also a great way to encourage good posture.

How to support active sitting and wellness in your workplace 

While investing in ergonomic desks or active sitting solutions is one part of supporting employee wellness, there are other policies you can include to help create a healthier, more productive and happier workplace. Some popular ideas for this include employee gym or fitness program initiatives, supporting employees in their goal to quit smoking, providing healthy food options in the workplace, having outdoor spaces for breaks, and encouraging cycle-to-work programs.

Partner with us for corporate office furniture and modern office workstation desks 

Creating a wellness culture in your workplace is a great challenge to take on, and part of that is designing an ergonomic environment. At BE Furniture, we offer a wide range of office products from modular office workstation furniture to corporate office furniture, and our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your office design goals.

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How to create the most effective hot-desking workspace

Hot-desking – it’s the buzzword of the year when it comes to modern office design ideas. But like any other trend, it only works when approached and applied in a considered way. Here are some tips about how to develop and implement this office space configuration effectively from your contemporary office furniture specialists:

Understand hot desking concerns:

For many employees, having their own, dedicated space in which to work is important. They need:

      • A safe space to store their own things,
      • To keep their seats adjusted to the correct level, and
      • To know that they won’t have to fight for space every morning just to get their work done.

Consider ways in which your office can manage these concerns: from having private locker space and sectioned-off office spaces for quiet or more private work, as well as strict cleaning up policies.

It’s not just about undesignated desks:

While the main attraction of hot-desking is that employees can work wherever it suits them and network amongst themselves with ease, this flexibility should be extended to outside the office as well to prevent that fight for space. Flexi-time, work-from-home days and outdoor workspaces balance this in-office flexibility, ensuring that employees have space and an environment that works best for them.

Don’t go full open-plan:

Open-plan office spaces are standard in modern businesses as they allow you to fit the most employees at any one time. But with hot-desking and the flexibility that comes with it, you’ll find that your office flow changes. People working in teams may prefer brainstorming on couches or in a boardroom. Others will seek out a quiet spot for client calls and still others will work from home. Part of hot-desking is creating these spaces conducive to different tasks and levels of privacy. So, it’s important to meet these needs.

Design and implement a practical and rewarding hot-desking environment 

At BE Furniture, we offer end-to-end office furniture solutions. From designing contemporary office interiors to fitting it out and furnishing it with the latest corporate office furniture. As a full-service furniture dealer, we can supply you with a wide range of value-added and environmentally-sensitive products including reception desks, standing desks, movable walls, collaborative office furniture, and glass partition wall systems.

For more information on our modern office design services or contemporary office furniture, please contact us today or visit our website at

Design Elements To Keep In Mind When Deciding On Which Modern Office Workstation Desks To Purchase

Modern office workstation desks add to a company’s aesthetic appeal, boosting morale in employees, impressing clients and improving overall productivity. Knowing this, it is no wonder why contemporary office accessories and contemporary office furniture is so very popular all over the globe. Below, we investigate certain aspects to keep in mind before making that all-important decision and investing in contemporary workstations for your members of staff.

Making the Most of Modern Workstation Design

When it comes to selecting a modern office workstation desk or chair, it is important not to forget about functionality. Seeing as though the contemporary designs are focused heavily on visual appeal, we can often lose ourselves in how stunning a new office accessory looks, without worrying too much about how well it works. For instance, while a classy wooden, varnished desk might look attractive, it won’t exactly help to enhance employee’s productivity levels. On the other hand, an adjustable desk might look just as attractive, but will also provide an employee with a chance to improve his / her posture, maintain his / her focus and generally function more efficiently when at work. Ultimately, the key is finding a healthy balance between beauty and functionality.

It is also very important to keep the office space in mind constantly when looking around for modern office workstations and accessories. What looks good on the shop floor might not fit in with the office’s already-existing décor scheme, or might simply be too big or too small for the room in which you want to place it.

Professional Contemporary Office Furniture

For those professionals who wish to make certain that they are investing in the right modern office accessories and furniture, it always makes sense to get in touch with the experts at BE Furniture at From conference tables to collaborative furniture, and everything in between, we have a selection not to be missed.