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How To Design A Welcoming Office Reception Area

A great office reception area sets the tone for your business – it influences your employees as they walk in the door, it welcomes clients and guests, and it tells everyone exactly what your business is all about. Here are some of the best modern office design ideas to help you achieve this!

  • Proportion and layout: Plan your reception area to accommodate furniture in proportion to the space allocated, remembering to leave wide passages open for easy flow of people and deliveries. The area between your doors and reception desk should be unobstructed, and your reception staff should be placed in a position where they can easily see the door and anyone walking through it. Glass partition walls can be used to create the right sized space and to separate the reception from other office space without cutting out natural light. It can also be embellished with artistic designs or your company logo.
  • Seating: Comfortable seating is an essential for every business, whether you’re running a doctor’s surgery or a marketing company. Seats should be comfortable but compact, and are a great opportunity to add color or texture to your space. Remember to use individual chair rather than sofas, as many people prefer their own space.
  • Modern reception desks: Reception desks balance function with personality, and can form an eye-catching part of your office design. Think outside the box with this item of furniture, and consider your company’s character. Legal firms will suit classic hardwoods and stainless steel, while fun companies can be open to exciting shapes, materials and even lighting. Remember to include space for the number of reception staff you will have, as well as filing, storage, printer and chair space.
  • Highlight your unique points: What’s your differentiator? Your company culture? Your reception should embody this part of your company’s personality and really show it off. Photographs and paintings, colors, wall art, and décor all say something about how your company views itself, and this is the impression you want anyone who walks through your doors to get.

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Modern Furniture Design for Office Space on a Budget

Modern Furniture Design for Office Space on a Budget

Taking steps to modernize your office have a number of advantages. With modern office furniture, you will be able to impress your clients (as well as your potential clients), you will be able to revive the vibe in the office, ultimately leading to an increase in overall employee productivity, and you will be able to find a creative way in which to complement your brand. Unfortunately, giving your office the makeover that it deserves can often wreak havoc on your budget. Here are some tips for embracing the contemporary trend without breaking the bank in the process.

If you want to achieve the modern look and feel, it is important to focus more on design rather than on finish. While it might be amazing to have a beautiful, circular marble conference table, practically, it is going to cost you more than just a pretty penny. Remedy this by compromising and investing in a circular table (which is very trendy right now), but go with a material that is slightly less costly, such as varnished wood.

Another way in which to save money is to opt for a collaborative office. Think about how much it is going to cost to decorate and furnish twenty different offices? Instead, you can invest in collaborative furniture that is both stunning and functional. After all, collaborative offices are also very much in fashion at the moment.

Buying the Right Modern Office Furniture

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