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Does Your Office Struggle with These Ergonomic Design Flaws?

Did you know that 31 percent of all occupational health injuries are linked to lower back pain and upper extremity muscular-skeletal disorders, according to OSHA? Companies who have ergonomic plans in place have not only been able to dramatically reduce the number of lost work days among their workforce, but they are also able to lower employee turnover.

The good news is that helping employees to avoid injuries and retaining your staff are not as costly as you might necessarily assume. Here are office ergonomic design flaws that you can easily change to improve the way your staff works:

Poor Lighting

Needless to say, your employees need adequate lighting to perform their tasks. Make sure that office areas are equipped with high-quality lighting so that nobody has to squint to read the words on their screens.

Lack of Adjustable Seats

People are unique, and the way they adjust their seats will vary from person to person. Adjustable seats can ensure that everyone is able to customize their workspace so that they are at the right height in front of their desks.

Lack of Sit Stand Desks

By now, most people have heard that sitting is the new smoking, but what is so bad about sitting? The fundamental principle is that a sedentary lifestyle and the physiological changes that ensue are harmful to us. There is a lot of evidence that shows physical inactivity is linked to higher morbidity and mortality.

Sit stand desks are a great alternative to conventional desks because it gives employees the option to stand for periods of the day.

Flexible Office Desks

Flexible office desks, such as those available from BE Furniture, enable employees to adjust virtually every aspect of their workstations to suit the tasks they need to perform.

For more information about ergonomic desks and office furniture, contact us today.

Modern Office Chairs – Which Material is Best for Your Workplace?

When choosing modern office chairs, design, affordability and ergonomic factors are important factors to consider – and so is the type of material. By taking the time to source contemporary office furniture that is comfortable, supportive and easy to maintain, you’ve made a significant contribution towards the overall design of your office space, your brand as a whole, and the productivity of your employees.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Chair Material

Good quality materials are built to last, so your office’s new look will stay looking great for many years to come. The chair material you choose should also be stain-resistant to handle clumsy coffee mishaps or lunches, easy to clean so that you don’t have to call in professional upholstery cleaners every few weeks, and attractive to look at so that it enhances your entire office design.

Popular Seating Materials for Modern Office Chairs

Chair material types that are currently in high demand include:

  • Mesh chairs – Easy to clean and breathable, these fiber-plastic chairs also give flexible support for comfort. While they aren’t ideal for long periods of sitting, they make a great fit for cafeteria spaces, reception seating or seating in rooms used for training or presentations.
  • Fabric chairs – A classic chair material that is seen in most general-use office spaces, these are usually the most affordable seating option on the market. They also come in a wide range of patterns and colors, so you’re sure to find something suitable for almost any space. On the downside, they tend to stain, wear and mark pretty easily, so you can expect to clean them more often and not last as long as other options.
  • Leather chairs – Another classic is the leather office chair – an icon of the executive office space. Available in genuine or faux leather, these are durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and have plenty of style. Although they come in different designs, leather chairs are usually the stable of the corporate world, so they may not suit every brand. Another factor is the price, although faux leather is considerably more affordable than the genuine item. Most offices choose to have this seating in specific areas like executive offices and boardrooms as a result.

Modern Office Chairs and More from Contemporary Office Furniture Specialists in NJ

Want to find out more about ergonomic office furniture or modern office chairs? BE Furniture is a full-service corporate office design and contemporary office furniture company, offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services in line with contemporary office interiors. For more information on our modern office chairs and contemporary executive seating solutions, please contact us today or visit our website at

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying New Modern Office Chairs

Whether you are replacing old office furniture or re-fitting your entire space, selecting the right modern office chairs are essential not only to the look of your space, but also for your comfort and health. After all, you or your employees will be sitting in that chair for at least 9 hours a day! Here are some tips from our contemporary executive seating team:

  • Do – Go Ergonomic:

Ergonomics are all about supporting your health while you sit, minimizing risks of neck, back, and shoulder pain. Look for chairs that offer support in all the right places and that are easily adjustable for people of different height.

  • Do – Consider Style:

Like any other piece of furniture in your space, your chairs contribute towards the overall design statement of your workplace. And office chairs don’t need to be boring! Look at different materials like cloth, leather, and wood to find statement pieces that support your brand.

  • Don’t – Go for The Cheapest Option:

Always look for the option that gets you the best value for money: one that has the quality you want without going over your budget. The cheapest options you see are usually of poor quality, not offering the right support for the person using it and likely breaking after minimal use. Value-for-money options will last longer, saving you in the long run.

  • Don’t – Choose A Chair Without Sitting in It:

Online catalogs are great but it is essential that you see different chairs in person before making your final selection. Everyone has different support needs and preferences, and the only way to be sure – before you spend your entire budget – is to take a seat in them. While you are there, find out about how the chairs adjust and see if it suits you, examine the material for durability, and talk to the sales team about maintenance.

Need Modern Office Chairs? See Our Range of Ergonomic, Contemporary Office Furniture Today

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Don’t Take Poor Quality Office Chairs Sitting Down

Many employees who spend six or more hours sitting at a desk through their workday suffer from health and comfort issues that can be directly related to their desk chair, especially if they are taller or bigger people. Fixed height chairs make sitting an awkward activity for anyone who isn’t lucky enough to fit into those exact manufacturing specifications, which can result in back, shoulder and neck pain.

How do ergonomic chairs work?

Ergonomic chairs are simply chairs that can be adjusted to fit almost anyone, and that provide support to your body in the sitting position. With such a simple solution to such a serious problem, there’s no reason why anyone should be working in discomfort.

Good ergonomic chairs allow the user to:

  • Adjust seat heights
  • Have a generous range limit for seat height
  • Adjust the vertical and frontward/backward positioning of the back rest
  • Sit comfortably in the correct seat depth
  • Have a stable seating position – a five-point base is recommended

Health benefits of ergonomic desk chairs 

In addition to helping prevent back, neck and shoulder pain, these chairs are recommended by physiotherapists and health practitioners because they:

  • Provide proper support to your posture – Bad posture can be caused or worsened by a poor quality desk chair. Ergonomic chairs actively support your posture while sitting, helping to correct these issues. Best practice is to sit with your feet flat on the floor, with your knees parallel to your hips at a 90-degree angle to the floor.
  • Increased comfort – This is a direct result of their adjustability, where each person can choose a position that best suits their comfort.
  • Reduced pressure on hips – A softer, more cushioned and supportive base with the correct seat depth is beneficial to hip health, preventing excess pressure on the hips.
  • Increased productivity – Ergonomic chairs are more dynamic and easily movable, making it easier for employees to reach, move, swivel and stretch at their desks. Increased comfort and wellness help drive productivity by making desks more enjoyable spaces to work at.

Want to find out more about ergonomic office furniture? BE Furniture is a full-service corporate office design and contemporary office furniture company, offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services in line with contemporary office interiors. For more information on our modern office chairs and contemporary executive seating solutions, please contact us today or visit our website at

How to Ensure your Modern Office Workspace is a Cleaner Space

We may think that we are clean and tidy at work but even the most fastidious and obsessed people can have a dirty cubicle and desk. In fact, it is true that the desk that we work at could be one of the dirtiest, most unhygienic places we are exposed to. Recent studies have shown that the common modern office desk is dirtier than some toilet seats, sometimes containing up to 400 times more bacteria.

Unless an office desk is cleaned (preferably with a high quality disinfectant) on a daily basis, we are essentially inviting sickness and disease into our lives. The desk also has 100 times more bacteria than a kitchen table, and so therefore there is a serious issue here for us all to think about when we are sitting in our cubicles.

How to clean your modern office chair

There are a few steps to cleaning your modern office chair, but if you commit to doing it regularly and with the understanding that the chair is quite possibly one of the filthiest places on the planet, it all makes sense in the end.

For starters, you can make your own cleaning solution. It could easily be a high quality alternative to the commercial solutions on the market. Just mix up two teaspoons of washing liquid with one of water and then apply it to the chair. Be sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth beforehand to get rid of any dirt or dust, and then start cleaning. This stuff should do a great job.

If you want to do an even better job of getting rid of dust, vacuum the chair down beforehand.

A great tip in this regard is to choose automotive upholstery cleaner, the products they sell in car stores to clean the seats in your vehicle. This is excellent stuff, and should offer an even better result on your office chair. Don’t go crazy with it, but just dip your cloth and give the chair a good clean.

For the long run, if you spill anything, try and wipe it up immediately. This includes drinks like coffee. Don’t let them linger. And when it comes to crumbs, get rid of those as soon as possible. These not only become hard to find, but they will carry germs and get caught in the fabric.

How to clean a modern office desk

Clear the office desk first. Part of the problem here is that often your desk is cluttered. If you are looking at a desk that is full of ‘stuff’ then it is also full of dirt, dust and germs.

Once you have done this part, then grab a damp cloth and wipe it down. This way you are also preparing a surface that is not only dust free but also naturally cleaner. Choose a commercial cleaner that allows you to be certain that bacteria are removed. Some people recommend using kitchen cleaning solutions because these are designed to do just that. We agree. Clean thoroughly and ensure that every part of the desk has had the cleaning solution treatment.

Then polish the desk. This part is important because it makes you feel a whole lot better and it ensures that dust is kept at bay for that little while longer.

But let’s not beat around the bush here. The problem will always be clutter. Clutter houses dust and germs. So work on ensuring that your desk doesn’t have any stuff that shouldn’t be there, like yesterday’s sandwich for starters. But also folders and files that can be put somewhere else, or newspapers and magazines that really need to be thrown away. By having less clutter, you will invite less dust. And you’ll also give germs fewer hiding places.

To continue with the clutter-free approach, only have one thing on your desk at any one time in regards to current projects. Having numerous files there just means that things pile up. It is always important to have a focused approach to work anyway, but having one project there in the middle of the desk means that you have less to worry about, and less mess.

So there are some tips on generally rescuing your modern office space, and ensuring that you have a less cluttered, dust free working environment. It doesn’t take long to organize and should allow you to have a space that gets work done, without growing germs and making you miserable. Keep in mind, these are quick fix and daily maintenance tips/tricks only. The best way to ensure a healthy office environment with your office furniture is to have it properly cleaned 1-3x a year. Professional office furniture cleaning services like BE Furniture can provide the much needed deep clean the fabric on your office furniture needs.

It’s all about providing TLC to your office furniture investments that will give you the best ROI to a healthy office lifestyle!

Top Ten Affordable Modern Office Chairs

10 Modern Office Chairs That Don’t Break The Bank

You may lust after a Herman Miller office chair, but honestly, you’re paying a premium for the brand name. Yes, the Miller chairs are great. Unbelievably, there are modern office chairs that are on par or better.

Seating comfort is subjective. Whether you have back issues or prefer certain features to others make a difference in what will feel most comfortable to you. Our experts volunteered to spend some time sitting on their … seats … to come up with a list of comfortable office chairs just for you. In no particular order – because as we said, seating is subjective – here is our list.

Allsteel Mimeo Chair - Herman Miller Alternative

1. Mimeo by Allsteel is designed for open, multifunctional office workplaces. The design is contemporary with personalized comfort via its unique IntelliForm technology. The scale is perfect for movement into multiple office spaces.


2. Acuity by Allsteel is the ultimate ergonomic chair. It provides comfort for every body type by adapting to each individual user. With the assistance of Italian designer Bruce Fifield, this chair is both chic and supremely comfortable.


3. Vault by 9 to 5 uses a flowing-mesh design with ergonomic support and sleek lines, perfect for contemporary conference room furniture or other office spaces that require a slim line design.


4. Fire by Paoli is known as the chair that has it all. The gorgeous contemporary design with an included adjustable back (at no additional charge) make this chair not only great-looking and comfortable, but a great value as well.


5. Spree by Global, voted Interior Design’s Best of 2014 Chair, provides natural movement to support your body as you move throughout the work day. Want a chair that adjusts to however you sit? This one’s for you.


6. The Vesta 3060 by 9 to 5 has an executive design with fluid lines. The woven-mesh construction on the seat and back is supportive and designed for maximum style and comfort.


7. Clarity by Allsteel is the result of a collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA. This office chair stands out in appearance with its sleek, minimalistic design. The aesthetics work in any area of the office and provide the user with comfort without any extra bells or whistles. It is simple, sleek and perfect for all locations.


8. Genie by Via has a unique look as well. Not streamlined, but singular in form, the Genie chair has a funky, contemporary aesthetic and offers extra spine and shoulder support. Adjustable for conference room or desk, the advanced controls for swivel tilt or seat slide make this chair ultra-versatile and sophisticated.


9. Liberty by Humanscale has a minimalistic look with custom lumbar support. Humanscale’s intelligently designed Form-Sensing Mesh technology offers optimal comfort and easy recline without the use of a mechanism. This is another successful collaboration between Humanscale and designer Niels Diffrient.


10. The 4U mesh by Via has the combination of Italian design and complete ergonomics for back health and comfort. The easy-to-use controls allow for body balance and tilt with continuous comfort and support.

Nobody can tell you which chair is best for you. Honestly, you have to find ones that interest you and go sit in them to figure out which is YOUR No. 1. In other words, you have to use your seat to find your seat.