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Tips for Creating the Most Efficient Office Layout

It’s a well-known fact that the layout of your office space has a significant effect on productivity by optimizing workflow and ensuring employees enjoy their environment. Here are some tips to help you make this happen if you’re planning a remodel, from our contemporary office furniture team.

  • Who is your team made up of? Take a look at the people and teams who make up your organization and consider their needs. Are there departments who would prefer a more collaborative environment? Departments who often work closely together? Or teams who require a level of privacy? This will help you place your departments and teams in a way that benefits them most.
  • Shop around for different furniture options: Don’t settle for reusing furniture that doesn’t fit your space or brand, or simply going with an option you always use. Instead, visit different suppliers and talk about the needs of your team members and brand. Contemporary office furniture is far more diverse, customizable and innovative than you might expect, and can play a significant role in creating a productive, focused and healthy workplace.
  • Look for flexibility: Office furniture that can be built up or broken down into different modules, rearranged to suit different layouts or room functions, or adjustable to suit people of different heights and support requirements is ideal. This will give you the most flexibility in terms of your layout, allowing you to make the most of your space and change it up as your business needs evolve.
  • Ask for assistance: Planning and delivering an office remodel is a complex process and it’s invaluable to have someone with experience on your side. A skilled designer and their team can take your vision and your requirements and deliver a layout that suits the needs of your employees and your brand. They can also help you save costs, introduce the latest ideas and innovations, and avoid costly design mistakes.

Need Contemporary Office Furniture and Design Services in NJ? 

Great commercial office furniture is comfortable, functional and beneficial to your brand as well as the comfort and health of your employees! It’s critical to work with the right partner to develop a space that showcases your brand and puts employee engagement, productivity and health first.

BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your contemporary office furniture and office design needs. Our team is full of contemporary office furniture ideas and we can assist you with everything from furniture selection, architectural walls and contemporary office interiors to remodeling and furniture recycling. For more information on the latest contemporary office interiors, please contact us today or visit our website at


3 Workspace Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a workspace is an exciting project that can be very rewarding for your company and your employees by creating a more productive, enjoyable and engaged working environment. However, it is not an easy task! Getting it wrong can be a costly mistake that means years of working in a space that simply does not work for you. Here are the most common design mistakes to avoid, from our team of contemporary office furniture specialists:

  1. Blindly Following the Latest Trend:

Committing to the latest office design trends without thinking them through can be a big mistake. While some trends are fantastic, they are not going to deliver the right results for you if it doesn’t work for your company or industry. For example, open and collaborative spaces are great in a marketing agency where teams have to work together across departments, brainstorm and get creative – but this trend won’t work well in a law firm where you need private spaces to assure client confidentiality.

  1. Failing to Future-Proof Your Space:

Redesigning your office space is a big, time-consuming and expensive project, so you will want your new space to last for at least 5 years. However, the fast pace of technology and the need for businesses to be as agile as possible means that your needs and requirements are likely to shift during this time period – and your office design needs to be able to adapt with these changes. Infrastructure for wireless charging and smartphones/mobile tech is important, as are moveable architectural walls, adjustable height desks and chairs, and modular workstations.

  1. The One-Size-Fits-All Space:

The problem with this approach – for example, having identical workstations and office chairs for each employee – is that no-one really fits this generic model. These stations make it difficult to work flexibly, to collaborate or communicate with ease, and they are often uncomfortable, leading to lower productivity and wellness issues. Instead, choose furniture that suits the use of the different designated spaces, is adjustable for height and easily moved or customized. Introduce different desk types to suit different work styles – sit-stand desks, for example. 

Make Your Office Redesign a Success with Our Contemporary Office Furniture Specialists! 

At BE Furniture, we assist our clients in achieving an optimal workspace for their business. Whether you are looking to replace old workstations with contemporary office furniture and boardroom furniture or want a comprehensive redesign and fitment of your space, our experienced team can handle it all.

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The Most Common Barriers to Workplace Agility

Organizational agility is key to remaining competitive in a changing world, allowing businesses to adapt and succeed in a challenging environment. This is what world business leaders believe are the most common factors standing in the way of businesses seeking to achieve their optimal agility.

A study by Ricoh Europe revealed that 39% of 2,140 business leaders believed regulation was the biggest issue impacting on business agility, followed by lack of investment in innovative new technologies at 37%, and rigid, traditional workplace cultures at 35%.

Interestingly, very few – only 33% – of the business leaders interviewed in the study had implemented changes designed to create and support a more agile working environment in their own companies. Instead, they favor the adoption of digital workflows to improve data analytics, management processes, and financial processes instead – seeking to spot new trends and opportunities through smarter data usage.

Trademarks of an Agile Organization 

So, what does an agile organization look like? According to a study by Accenture LLP, these are the most common elements:

– Strong leadership: 62% of participants said that the right leadership team was essential. Leaders and management at every level need the competencies and accountability to handle diverse situations effectively.

– Strategic decisions are prioritized: Clear distinction between day-to-day leadership decisions and decisions that impact on overall strategy.

– Make better decisions faster: Have the right data and information on hand as soon as possible and create a culture where decision-making isn’t held up by bureaucracy. Data should be mined from multiple sources to obtain critical insights and ensure that decision-making is sound.

– Have the right ecosystem to act quickly: Rapid decision-making should be supported by a rapid response by the organization. This means that support and information is extended to suppliers and others to ensure that they can make decisions soundly and quickly.

Contemporary Office Furniture that Supports Your Agile Business Environment 

BE Furniture can help you create a functional and appealing office space that supports your culture of agility. In addition to our wide range of office furniture, including modern reception desks and office reception area furniture, we can also assist you with workspace design and fitment. For more information on our services, please contact us today or visit our website at

Be Inspired by the “Colors of Humanity” Building for Doctors Without Borders

In 2017, Steven Holl Architects won the privilege of designing the new Geneva headquarters for humanitarian aid specialists Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). Their innovative plans beat stiff competition from internationally acclaimed firms as their energy-efficient “Colors of Humanity” design caught the eyes and hearts of the organization.

Modern Office Design Ideas and Features of the Colors of Humanity Building 

The primary impact of this design is captured in its elegant façade of multi-hued photovoltaic glass. This glass box design is created from panels that are 40% transparent with red, blue, and green tints, that perform two vital duties in the function of the building. Not only does it create the interior framework of the building inside, it also produces up to 72% of the building’s energy requirement. It’s also designed to be open-ended, so the building can be easily expanded to fit future needs.

Each block of colored glass along with the building’s stacked block formation designates the functions of the internal space of the building. This design along with communal seating areas and walkways will create a flow that fosters collaboration and community. This open dialogue and interaction between the 250-strong staff team is an essential part of the building’s design and reflects trends that giants like Google and Facebook have adopted with great success. Furnishings for this space will complement this design through collaborative desk solutions and multi-use office spaces.

The large rooftop garden is another striking feature. Lush with plant growth, this provides a natural contrast to the high-tech glass, and solar panels installed in the rooftop garden will further supplement the building’s energy.

To further the building’s ecologically-friendly design, it will make use of a system called Genilac, which pulls water from Lake Geneva to heat and cool the building.

Construction on this exciting project should begin in 2019 next to the Kengo Kuma-designed Institute of Higher International Studies and Development.

Contemporary Office Furniture and Contemporary Office Interiors for an Inspirational Workplace 

Interested in transforming your workplace? Inspired by the latest modern office design ideas? BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your corporate office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from contemporary office furniture, architectural walls and interiors to office design, fitting and furniture recycling. For more information, please contact us today or visit our website at

The Benefits Of Using Collaborative Office Furniture To Design Your Creative Space

A collaborative office space has been shown to improve colleague relationships, work-flow and overall productivity. When it comes to transforming an office space into a new-age collaborative set-up, the heart of it all will be the collaborative furniture that you choose. Collaborative office furniture needs to complement the design of the space and, most importantly, promote efficiency within the workplace.

Using Collaborative Furniture to Build the Space

Most will agree that the main consideration to keep in mind when creating a well-functioning office space lies in finding a steady balance between work areas and storage areas. While most traditional offices keep these two aspects of the business separate, most collaborative furniture will offer built in storage options in order to accommodate both.

Another consideration to keep in mind is investing in the right sizes when it comes to collaborative workspace furniture. The sizes which you select should depend on the actual size of the office space. Remember to avoid clutter and to ensure that there is enough space for easy movement. Due to the fact that employees will be likely to move around more, actively communicating and collaborating with one another, they need to feel as though they have the freedom to do that.

For the sake of aesthetics, it always helps to maintain a specific color scheme throughout – not only will the right color help to boost productivity and morale, but it will also ensure that the office looks attractive enough to impress clients who are arrive for a meeting.

Where to Find Collaborative Office Furniture

When you’re in search of quality collaborative furniture for a new, modern office space, BE Furniture strives to provide for all your needs. BE Furniture places a special focus on enhancing office lifestyle and culture. In short, our business cares about more than just how an office looks – we also care about how the employees feel about it. Contact us today for more information or for a comprehensive quote.