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3 Workspace Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a workspace is an exciting project that can be very rewarding for your company and your employees by creating a more productive, enjoyable and engaged working environment. However, it is not an easy task! Getting it wrong can be a costly mistake that means years of working in a space that simply does not work for you. Here are the most common design mistakes to avoid, from our team of contemporary office furniture specialists:

  1. Blindly Following the Latest Trend:

Committing to the latest office design trends without thinking them through can be a big mistake. While some trends are fantastic, they are not going to deliver the right results for you if it doesn’t work for your company or industry. For example, open and collaborative spaces are great in a marketing agency where teams have to work together across departments, brainstorm and get creative – but this trend won’t work well in a law firm where you need private spaces to assure client confidentiality.

  1. Failing to Future-Proof Your Space:

Redesigning your office space is a big, time-consuming and expensive project, so you will want your new space to last for at least 5 years. However, the fast pace of technology and the need for businesses to be as agile as possible means that your needs and requirements are likely to shift during this time period – and your office design needs to be able to adapt with these changes. Infrastructure for wireless charging and smartphones/mobile tech is important, as are moveable architectural walls, adjustable height desks and chairs, and modular workstations.

  1. The One-Size-Fits-All Space:

The problem with this approach – for example, having identical workstations and office chairs for each employee – is that no-one really fits this generic model. These stations make it difficult to work flexibly, to collaborate or communicate with ease, and they are often uncomfortable, leading to lower productivity and wellness issues. Instead, choose furniture that suits the use of the different designated spaces, is adjustable for height and easily moved or customized. Introduce different desk types to suit different work styles – sit-stand desks, for example. 

Make Your Office Redesign a Success with Our Contemporary Office Furniture Specialists! 

At BE Furniture, we assist our clients in achieving an optimal workspace for their business. Whether you are looking to replace old workstations with contemporary office furniture and boardroom furniture or want a comprehensive redesign and fitment of your space, our experienced team can handle it all.

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How Wiring can Impact on your Office Design

In an age of wireless, digital technology, the designs of our workplaces are still held back by miles and miles of wiring and cables. In the conference room where virtual meetings, group calls and presentations are common, this issue is even more apparent.

Limiting Your Options – From Conference Tables to Flooring 

The conference table is the focal point of the room, a gathering space that represents your brand to your clients, partners and employees. For many companies, the look of this important piece of furniture is immediately affected by the need for connectivity boxes for connecting laptops and devices and handling every type of video output on the market, from HDMI to mini DisplayPort. This makes minimalist design challenging if not outright impossible.

Then, it’s about accommodating the wires that run from the table to the screen (or screens) under the carpeting or beneath the baseboards and through the walls. This fixes your layout in a permanent manner, making it impossible to make your conference room into a multipurpose space – a critical challenge to overcome if your business is looking for a flexible and more effective use of their office space.

In a typical office conference room, this means that a space that should look professional, functional and stylish instead looks clunky, messy and unattractive.

Wireless Solutions Offer More Choices for Your Conference Room 

Conference rooms deserve to be a focal point of your business and should represent your brand in an engaging way as well as having the tech needed to facilitate business. By going wireless, you’re no longer limited to a specific type of conference table, flooring or even a fixed layout – and more flexibility means more opportunities to create the right space.

Design a Bespoke Conference Room with Contemporary Office Furniture Specialists 

BE Furniture in New Jersey can help you create a functional and appealing conference space that supports your brand. In addition to our wide range of office furniture, including conference room tables and corporate furniture, we can also assist you with workspace design and fitment. We also offer eco-friendly recycling options for all your old office furniture and fittings. For more information on our services, please contact us today or visit our website at


Spaces that Inspire Creativity and Innovation

Designing an office is about much more than making sure there’s enough seating and desk space for each employee, it’s about creating a space that embodies your brand, smooths out work processes and enhances productivity and creative thinking. Here are some of the leading sources of inspiration for workplaces that offer it all.

The Natural World: For too long, society has treated work as separate to nature – but where do we all go to relax, re-energize and find inspiration? Nature. Natural light, plant life and fresh air have a significant impact on our wellbeing, health and happiness, and using it in the workplace has the same powerful effect. When there’s a strong presence of nature, people experience less mental fatigue, stress and illness. All these positive effects impact directly on your company’s bottom line through increased productivity, better employee mental and physical health, and increased loyalty and job satisfaction.

Socialization: Human beings are social creatures and most people gain a lot from casual social interaction – even introverts. Parks, cafés and bars all have a social buzz that helps people form relationships, network and de-stress, as well as getting in touch with our more creative, spontaneous sides. In the workplace, this can mean having a social kitchen and dining area that’s casual, creative and inspired by café culture – a place where people can get together without disturbing other employees to eat, talk and brainstorm.

Getting active: There is overwhelming evidence that being physically active is essential to living a healthy, balanced and happy life. Physical activity gets your blood flowing and sending more oxygen to the brain as well as stimulating proteins that improve mental functions. Physical activity improves our health overall as well, boosting our immune systems and readying us to take on new challenges. Another interesting effect is that repetitive action – like jogging, cycling or walking – shifts the brain into a different state (like a mild daydream) known as Alpha state, the ideal brain state for lateral thinking and problem solving. Nike WHQ has a running track for just this reason, but smaller companies can help promote this by starting office clubs for running, walking or other physical fitness activities, or by incentivizing employees to join clubs and gyms outside of work.

Re-Imagine Your Office Space with Contemporary Office Furniture and Design for Increased Creativity and Productivity 

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How to Design a Workspace for the Financial Services Industry

Contemporary office interiors and design is not just about creating a pleasant work environment, it’s about adding functionality that’s specific to your company’s vision, operations and day-to-day needs. For the financial services industry, where attracting and keeping top industry talent is a must and tech is a driving force in the sector, office design can play a significant role in achieving broader company goals.

Collaboration, Concentration and Contemplation 

Rather than focusing on the needs of a single type of employee, office designs for the financial services industry need to create multiple spaces that meet many different needs. This means creating spaces where collaboration can take place (working on a new project, holding meetings or brainstorming sessions, etc.), quiet areas where employees can focus without interruption and contemplate on their work tasks, and areas that are designed around a single task, like a programming department.

Office Design that Meets Client Needs

In addition to meeting the needs of your staff, financial services companies also have to be able to meet the needs of clients. This may require two types of spaces – the first, a more social coffee-shop style area that is sociable and relaxed. The second type of spaces you’ll need will have to address client needs for privacy and security when discussing more sensitive information, such as private office space or meeting rooms.

A Contemporary Office Furniture Supplier for the Financial Service Industry 

If you are in the financial services industry and are considering a new office design and fit-out or moving to new premises, it’s important to have an office design partner who understands the needs of your industry. BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your commercial office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from modern office desks, ergonomic desks and modern office chairs to office design, fitment and furniture recycling. For more information or inspiring contemporary office furniture ideas, please contact us today or visit our website at

Tips for Future-Proofing Your Office Design

Future-proofing is all about ensuring that your office design will be able to incorporate changes and upgrades easily as your company adapts over the years. While no one can predict the future completely, incorporating future-proofing into your design is the best way to avoid costly redesigns down the line and keep your space functioning smoothly as new technology and equipment is embraced. Here are some tips from our contemporary office design team to help your office fitment last for many years to come.

  • Future staffing needs: When deciding on your workplace layout, remember to incorporate space for staff who will join your company as it grows. Flexible layouts work well here, allowing people to hot-desk or work different tasks in different areas, so it’s easier to slot more people in than if you had a traditional cubicle or office system. Now is also the right time to think about implementing policies for flexible working conditions, so that you establish a functioning work culture from the start and make your workplace attractive to incoming talent.
  • Technology: Whatever your industry, you can’t avoid the impact of technology on your workplace design. Ensuring that you have cutting-edge technology and the infrastructure to easily upgrade as your needs change is a must. This also includes simple things like having enough power outlets in you space, as well as freeing up space by choosing reliable outsourcing partners for your server needs.
  • Health, sustainability and wellbeing: These are more than just trends – they are about saving costs, attracting talent and boosting productivity. If current efforts and their benefits are anything to go by, companies are going to keep pushing for healthier, more sustainable workplaces. This means making these areas a focus for your design, from bringing in natural light, cost-saving LED bulbs and clean air from low-energy HVAC systems to investing in ergonomic office furniture, healthy food spaces and activity areas.
  • Make every square foot work for you: The key to future-proofing contemporary office interiors is not to waste anything – from energy and human potential to each square foot of your space. Your square footage is expensive, so it should be put to use daily rather than kept empty for infrequent events like board meetings. Incorporating movable glass architectural walls and creating adaptable spaces that can change for different uses are just two ways to make your floorplan more flexible and more functional.

Contemporary Office Design Makes Your Space Work for You

If you want to make the most of your office design, our team is here to help. In addition to our wide range of contemporary office furniture, architectural walls and ergonomic desks, we can also assist you with workspace design and fitment. For more information on services, please contact us today or visit our website at

Taking a Look Inside the New Bloomberg HQ

Bloomberg’s new HQ in London, designed by Norman Foster, was unveiled in October 2017 and is often touted as the world’s most sustainable office design. Located in the prestigious Square Mile, the building’s design and future mark a very real change in what commercial architecture means.

Awareness of its Place in London’s Flow, Society and History 

This project required two buildings to be removed from the site, namely Bucklersbury House and Temple Court. These buildings in many ways symbolized where commercial development used to be – from the shoddy removal of a Roman temple discovered on the building site to ignoring street patterns, breaking height restrictions and prioritizing parking space with little regard for pedestrians.

In contrast, the new buildings showcase the change in commercial architecture and design to something that fits comfortably into the city skyline while still fitting in an astonishing 1.1 million feet of workspace. It offers a restaurant-lined arcade for staff and the public, walkways that include a new square lined by sculpture and foliage by artist Cristina Iglesias. The Roman temple has been carefully moved back to its location as well, housed in a dedicated public museum in the double-height basement that is also home to over 14,000 items discovered during the build. Pedestrian traffic also has easy access to public transport, thanks to the new exit for the Bank Tube station.

The building is also renowned for its sustainability and energy efficiency, making use of several complex systems designed into the structure itself to maintain comfortable temperatures at minimal energy costs. It also harvests and utilizes rainfall, filtering it for building use in its own plumbing systems. The project increased its sustainability rating further by going local for much of its materials and systems, with almost 90% of the project’s cost being spent in the UK. Even the wall panels are woven with Yorkshire-sourced wool.

This building, from its foundations upwards, shows a new age of commercial architecture that is built on respect for the environment, for the people who work in it, the city it is located in and even the people who walk past it.

Modern Office Ideas Built the Workplaces of a Better Future 

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