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5 Pieces Of Furniture Needed In a Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are important, highly functional spaces in your office, welcoming clients, receiving deliveries, and acting as the face of your organization and brand. Here’s how to make the right impression through exceptional corporate office furniture and reception area design, from specialists in contemporary office interiors.

1. A Striking and Functional Reception Desk

This should be the biggest and most eye-catching piece of furniture in your waiting room, so it’s important that it’s a high-quality statement piece that is not only functional for your staff, but easy for any guest to notice.

This is because your reception desk is your first point of contact with every visitor, vendor, supplier and customer. You want people who haven’t been to your offices before to see it as soon as they walk in, and you want them to know that they have come to the right place.

Your reception desk should be scaled to the size of your waiting room, it’s functionality (how many reception staff you require, their equipment and computers, etc.), and your industry and brand’s character.

2.Comfortable, Supportive Seating

Good seating is a must-have feature of a waiting room and should be designed and supplied according to the traffic through the space, average waiting times for visitors, hygiene and your brand’s aesthetics. Contemporary office furniture ideas for waiting room seating include seating with supportive cushions, seating that is easy to clean and can take a good amount of wear, and seating that is modular and varied.

You want to cluster your seating based on your clientele too. For example, visitors to a legal office may want privacy where they can work or review documentation while they wait, medical offices want clusters where people can socially distance or sit with young family members, and spa facilities want seating that is comfortable and luxurious.

3. Organization and Storage

There are several types of organizational and storage needs that should be accommodated in waiting areas. This can include coat racks and umbrella storage, storage for deliveries, space for filing and documentation, and even surfaces for clients to work off of easily. Again, this is specific to the type of office you are running.

Many businesses use the space not only to provide a space for clients or customers with appointments, but also to sell and showcase products (veterinary clinic, spas and beauty salons, etc.) or to showcase their own offering through brochures, magazines, scale models and literature – all of which needs to be displayed and stored properly.

4. Coffee and Snacks

For businesses that are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and show a bit of extra appreciation to their clients and visitors, coffee and snack stations are a reception area must-have. A clean, well-stocked refreshment station is a great addition to any space, and should be stocked with goodies that appeal to your clients, whether it’s something sweet for the kids, a barista-quality coffee for professionals, or healthy smoothies and juices for the health-conscious, it should work with your brand’s offering and target market.

5.Hygiene Stations and Accessories

Because reception areas are the first point of contact between visitors and your staff, hygiene equipment is critical. This includes impermeable screens between staff and visitors, sanitizing stations and disinfectant wipes for visitors and clients, PPE for staff and clear, sign-posted instructions that show your organization is caring for the health of visitors and staff through the pandemic.

If you have a snack or coffee station, it is important that this is screened off and managed by a staff member to ensure it is kept hygienic and sanitized while in use.

High-Impact, Highly Functional Reception Spaces Designed by Corporate Office Furniture Specialists in NJ

BE Furniture is a leading supplier of furnishings and designs for contemporary office interiors, from cafeteria and workspaces to reception areas and boardrooms. We also provide hygienic, protective office equipment and corporate office furniture to help ensure health and productivity in your space. In addition to designing and fitting out new office spaces, we provide furniture recycling to support the sustainability of your project. Contact us today for more information on our services and furnishings for contemporary office interiors.

3 Reasons Businesses Should Hire a Professional Office Furniture Installation Service


Relocating your business to new premises or redesigning your office interior? While it’s tempting to save the extra money and take on these jobs yourself or with your team, you’re far better off partnering with a professional office furniture installation service. Here’s why, from contemporary office furniture specialists in New Jersey.

Reason #1 – Damage Control

Office furniture may look simple, but it’s fairly complex to disassemble and reassemble, especially if you want to prevent any damage. Professional office installation teams will have all the right tools and expertise on hand, making your process as quick and efficient as possible.

In addition to properly packaging, moving and installing furniture and equipment, professional teams offer insurance and warranties to provide additional peace of mind and asset protection.

Reason #2 –Save Time

Compare moving house with professionals to when your friend hired a van and promised you all pizza if you pitched in. The professional move was fast, smooth and hassle-free – completed in record time, while the non-professional process was haphazard, disorganized and possibly the worst weekend you remember! 

An office move or office furniture installation is just like that – except it is more complex than a home move, and the stakes are much higher. Office furniture installation specialists need to not only assemble and install complex modular units, movable walls, workstations, storage and more, they have to be able to manage and install your tech at the same time. In an office fit out, multiple specialists are needed onsite at the same time, working with exceptional co-ordination to fully set up working stations, connect your network and systematically install tech without mixing up cables, damaging connections or losing equipment.

Reason #3 – Optimal Functionality

If you look at a well-run office space, there are multiple systems in place that all have to work seamlessly in order for tasks to get done. Video conferences with clients have to run seamlessly in private meeting spaces, managers have to co-ordinate and communicate with teams as well as leadership, receptionists have to manage in-person interactions as well as telephone calls and emails, escalating tasks up to appropriate employees and departments, and so on. This functionality is at the core of your business.

With a professional office furniture installation team, you have a range of specialists who understand how these systems need to work together, as well as how to dissemble, move and reinstall these systems – from furniture through to tech – in order to minimize downtime, reduce bugs in the system and ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible.

This not only relieves frustration and helps support productivity, it also preserves your ability to deliver exceptional customer service.

BE Furniture – Affordable, Professional Office Furniture Installation Services

At BE Furniture in New Jersey, we know our clients are the best at their business – and they trust us to be the best at ours. As specialists in contemporary office furniture as well as the design and installation of contemporary office interiors, we’re the team with the skill and expertise to get the job done perfectly when you need to refit or move your office.

We can assist you with every phase of your project, from design concept through to remodeling and furnishing your space, offering quick turnaround times to support productivity without sacrificing the quality of the finished result. Whether you are looking for a full office fit out or redesign, an ergonomic solution to support staff wellness or protective furnishings to make your space compliant with COVID-19 regulations, we can assist you.

Contact us today to find out more about what we do and how we can assist you.


For Your Company’s Return to Work, its about Rework, not Replace

With so many companies planning their return to work, our phones are ringing off the hook with clients wondering whether their current office furniture, layout and workflow is able to be made into a more bio-safe and hygenic workspace for now and the foreseeable future. What we’re telling our clients is basically a version of “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Use the necessity of changing your office design to become both a safer, and a more attractive workplace. Office remodeling can change the personality of your office as well as motivate your employees, improve employ performance, and attract new clients, while better retaining employees. But in these times your remodel can also add design and furniture features that improve employee separation, facilitate social distancing yet allow for teaming, introduce bio-engineered worksurfaces, and make new cleaning and workflow protocols work better. To make your office remodeling work for everything you need, in 95% of cases you don’t have to throw everything out (unless you want to of course!) you just need to consider the modification and addition of a few elements.

Consider Movement In Your Office

Design and layout choices now are about limiting incidental interaction, while allowing efficient movement to important area’s. What was less important in a pre-covid world has now become a central fixture of office layout. The introduction of natural barriers full of plants or artwork, become both beautiful visual elements and practical barriers that direct employees where you want them to go and how you want them to get there.

Consider Bio-Toxic Worksurfaces

Several Manufacturers provide copper or copper infused chairs and work surfaces. For critical area’s such as conference rooms and touchdown stations, its worth considering an investment in work areas that will not harbor virus’ or bacteria for long. Even certain kinds of fabrics and backing materials are known to be less friendly to germs are can be easily cleaned with stronger cleansers without losing their beauty. It’s all about cleaning friendly materials now.

Partitions that Protect but Don’t Separate

Visible, view through partitions distributed through BE Furniture from several manufacturers, can be added to most work surfaces. Made of clear acrylic they fully protect workplace neighbors from the worst effects of errant sneezing and other contact, while allowing employees to see each other and remain in close proximity desking layouts.

Teaming Areas

The days of packing to standing room only into a tiny conference room are probably over for the foreseeable future. Conference rooms seating has to be pared back, worksurfaces cleaned after every meeting, and virtual meeting elements should be part of every teaming area now. Meeting in smaller groups will drive changes to workflow that may require the creation of more but smaller protected teaming areas. BE’s Movable Wall solutions have long been a cost-effective solution to the challenge and are more than ever relevant now. They even come with potential tax benefits for the business owner, check them out at our moveable glass walls page.

Keep the Air Clean

In an age of concern about airborne disease, paying attention to the quality of your office air is a pretty good idea. If you rent office space, ask your landlord to have the ductwork professionally cleaned. Better yet consider the installation of a UV Ductwork Sterilization System. But finally consider the installation of a local commercial air filtration system. One of the most advanced on the market is the Dyson Pure Cool, by Dyson for business. Using a combination of Hepa filtering and UV light, the Dyson Pure Cool can remove up to 99.97% of particulates from the air, and a single unit covers more than 400 square feet. Actually all Dyson products represent the leading edge of hygienic technology, you can see it all at BE’s Dyson Products for Business page

Design for the New Objectives of Workplace Safety

A few decades back, workplace safety meant not getting hit by falling boxes, run over by forklifts, or keeping your hands away from the printer head. But the concept of workplace safety post COVID has just been reinvented, my friends.

For those who are planning to remodel or start over with their office environment, you need to partner with a company that leverages a deep understanding of the new meanings of workplace safety. Please contact us at Business Environments, we want to help you with that.

How to Measure the ROI of an Office Remodel

If your organization wants to drive growth, edge out the competition, and support staff productivity, then it’s essential to realize the role your office design and environment play as a valuable point for engagement. Office design may seem a secondary part of your organizational strategy for success, but when you have a workplace that’s desirable to the workforce, you’re going to be positioned to attract the best team. Here’s some insight into the two main factors to consider when measuring ROI for investing in your office fit-out, from NJ specialists in commercial office interiors.

Optimization of Space Usage: 

With the right office remodel and fit-out, organizations can make significant savings by reducing wasted space and preventing the need for costly office relocation. Office space is one of the main expenses for businesses of every size and, therefore, the use of space needs to be tailored to each business in order to utilize it efficiently. In fact, some organizations who undertake a space utilization analysis may find that they have so much additional wasted space that they can meaningfully reduce the number of offices they use (thereby making savings over their lease period), expand their teams without moving offices or develop space that can be then leased to other businesses for additional income.

Disrupting Disengagement: 

The other factor to consider when determining the ROI of an office redesign is its impact on employee engagement. Great amenities, a stylish and welcoming design, and functionality are all fundamental to employee performance and engagement. By implementing a design that supports your employee’s work needs and wellness and that creates a positive impact on clients as well as staff, your office space can become a place where people want to work. This not only helps to support your current team and their ability to reach their goals, but also helps attract new talent to help grow your business and make it more competitive.

Optimize ROI with Commercial Office Interior Experts in New Jersey 

At BE Furniture, we’re here to assist our clients in creating commercial office interiors that reflect their brand’s values, increase productivity, and achieve sustainability goals – optimizing their ROI.

In addition to our wide range of contemporary office furniture, architectural glass walls, architectural office partitions, movable walls, and other interior design features, we can also assist you with workspace design and fitment

Our eco-friendly office furniture recycling program also ensures that your remodeling project is in line with your brand’s values. For more information on our services and products, please contact us today or visit our website at

A Great Office Design Always Includes Soundproofing

Planning a new office fit-out in 2020? With so many decisions to make about office cubicle systems, modern office workstations and desks, and interior office design, it’s easy to forget about one thing that’s essential to every successful office design: soundproofing.

Better Soundproofing Means Better Productivity

Have you ever been in an office or restaurant for a meeting where it was impossible to hear what was being said on the other side of the table? Or in a conference room where it’s impossible to hold a private meeting because anything anyone says bounces and echoes around the room? It’s frustrating and it’s bad for business! And, it shows just how important soundproofing really is if you want your office space and employees to be productive. 

As our offices have gotten busier and more open, noise levels have increased – a problem noted as early as 1972 in the Noise Control Act. According to health professionals and the act itself, noise doesn’t just mean an increase in distraction, as “Problems related to noise include stress-related illnesses, high blood pressure, speech interference, hearing loss, sleep disruption, and lost productivity.”

Modern offices thrive in downtown environments. But, these prime locations don’t necessarily support productivity and employee wellness as much as they should. This is where clever office design becomes essential, creating the quiet and relaxation so essential to de-stress the workplace so that your organization can get the best from both worlds.

Soundproofing and Your Office Fit-Out – Speak to Our NJ team about Office Cubicle Systems, Office Design, and More

A professional office fit-out service will look beyond color schemes and corporate office. It will address your office’s potential from the very foundations up. Existing buildings usually haven’t been designed with consideration to the noise and requirements of a modern office. However, an experienced team can deliver great results with the right approach to soundproofing in the form of sound reduction and sound absorption to create an ideal work environment.

BE Furniture in New Jersey can help you create a functional and appealing workspace that not only supports your brand, but also helps your employees optimize their productivity. In addition to our wide range of office furniture, including office cubicle systems, office cubicle walls, and modern office workstations and desks, our team can also assist you with workspace design and office furniture fit-outs

We also offer eco-friendly recycling and used furniture removal options for all your old office furniture and fittings. For more information on our services and products, including our range of contemporary office furniture, please contact us today or visit our website at


Inside 5 of the World’s Top Tech Offices

In recent years, tech companies have been dominating the innovative office design industry, demonstrating how innovation and creativity can create a high-performance workplace. Here is some inspiration from some of the most noteworthy tech offices from around the world.

Airbnb USA Headquarters

Airbnb has transformed the short-term rental industry and how we see our homes. So, it should be no surprise that it’s changing how we see offices too. Their San Francisco office was designed by the company’s Environments Team and local architects to create a truly unique space. The revitalization of this building meant bringing in as much natural light as possible through the original glass structure, stripping the building down to its core. As a global company, the building has a global theme, with different spaces including cafes, building floors, and meeting rooms reflecting different cities and countries around the world.


The new Sydney offices for Dropbox is all about creating engagement and relationships between staff and the public. The vision encapsulates the home design trend in corporate design, creating a sleek and modern space that’s welcoming and warm. It’s an open but comfortable space that’s all about bringing different work styles together in the same space.


These New York City offices span three floors of the historic Maltz Building (a manufacturing hub for the Printing House District in the mid-20th century), with a sweeping rooftop deck and ground-floor lobby as well as an event space. This office space is all about coexistence. It creates an environment where individual and collaborative work modes can come together to support high-performance individuals and teams. Unlike many tech spaces, this design doesn’t use bold color. Instead, it relies on the texture and appeal of rich wood, glass, and polished concrete.

SKB Kontur

This Russian IT company develops software for a conservative sector, namely accounting and business management. But, there’s nothing that’s conservative about their office design. It is both bold and youthful, and it screams for your attention, from the robust colors that define the different zones of the organization to its dedication to being a self-supporting unit. Not only does it have the typical spaces of traditional workplaces, but it also has a conference hall, study rooms, libraries, a bar, canteens, and sports areas.


Few companies have disrupted an industry quite as quickly and powerfully as Uber. Their new Advanced Technology Group offices in Pittsburgh follow the same idea by transforming a warehouse into a cathedral, which accentuates functionality first as well as the values and vision of the company. A stark white glass and steel building, this office space is all about the development of ground-breaking autonomous car development. By creating 360-degree workspaces for each team member, complete with expansive desk space, room for prototypes and more, each person has their own, individual high-tech, fully-equipped workshop. In addition to collaborative spaces and workstations, the facility also has a fully-functioning machine shop where prototypes are built, engineered, and tested.

Modern Office Workstation Desks and Modular Office Workstation Furniture in New Jersey

If you want to make the most of your office design and space, our team is here to help. In addition to our wide range of modular office workstation furniture and corporate office furniture, we also offer creative, expertly-delivered workspace design and fitment services. For more information on services, please contact us today or visit our website at