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Do You Know What Your Office Furniture is Made of?

The average office worker in the USA spends up to 15 hours a day sitting in an office chair at a desk or cubicle, whether that office furniture is at home or in a workplace. And while the issue of how sitting affects our health is a very important one,  few people are aware of the health risks associated with what we’re sitting on. What are our chairs, desks and flooring made of? How are they fixed together? What chemicals have been used in their construction? And are they creating opportunities for COVID-19 and other viruses to live and transfer onto other individuals? What we’re really asking is, is our office furniture safe?

Why do Office Furniture Materials Matter?

When we’re looking at office furniture quality, it used to be that we’d look at construction quality, ergonomics, and cost. Now, those factors haven’t fallen by the wayside – they’re just as important as ever – but you need to add one more to the mix: materials.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how easy it is to transfer bacteria and viruses to other people in our environment in a way that hasn’t really resonated with the public before. After all, we all read the report saying that our computer keyboards are covered with more bacteria than the average toilet seat, but exactly how many of us have really taken steps to properly clean and sanitize everyday office items? That’s what I thought.

COVID-19 is a completely different beast, one that has changed our lives in ways we could not imagine before, and that includes making our offices and workplaces exceptionally hygienic. Office furniture materials play a vital role in creating a safe and healthy workspace. This is because the virus can live on surfaces for a long time, with some materials like stainless steel and plastic preserving the virus for up to 72 hours, and cardboard and porous fabrics for up to 24 hours. 

And we’re just talking about one virus here. Substandard office furniture also carried other health risks, including toxic oil-based finishes, formaldehyde and lead paint. Chrome furniture can release chromium VI, a recognized carcinogen that impacted workers during the manufacturing process, also pollutes groundwater and contaminates soil. These chemicals and products may sound frightening, but the reality is that they are everywhere, especially in the particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, cheap dyes, paints and plastics in low-quality office furniture, dividing walls and ceilings.

Healthy Offices Need Quality Office Furniture and Regular Sanitization

The answer to a healthy office means bringing three elements together:

  • High-Quality Office Furniture – Choosing office furniture of high quality, specifically investing in non-toxic office furniture that meets ANSI and BIFMA standards, immediately eliminates certain toxic elements from your workspace.
  • Green Office Installation – Think past your office furniture to your walls, carpeting and ceilings. Choose low-VOC, eco-friendly paints, non-toxic wall systems, structural elements that can be thoroughly and easily sanitized, and air purification systems to help remove viruses, allergens and pollutants from the air.
  • Regular sanitization – It’s also best to consider items that are easy to clean and sanitize on a daily basis. Some items are already made from antibacterial materials to help support your clean, healthy environment. Everything in your workplace, from your walls and flooring to reception surfaces, desks, chairs and communal spaces, needs to be able to withstand regular sanitization – and still look great!

BE Furniture – Making Office Spaces Healthy and Productive

At BE, we’ve always been passionate about empowering our clients and helping them to make the best decisions for their office space and their budget. Our goal is to create a space that is as healthy and functional as it is productive, placing an emphasis on office furniture quality to ensure your furnishings are both safe and durable. Contact us today about our office furniture installation services, and find out how our team will go the extra mile to create a post-COVID workspace that helps your business grow and thrive. Don’t settle for less – we don’t!

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5 Key Products Every Office Needs During COVID-19

While every office is different, there are important guidelines every workplace should follow when it comes to furnishing options for COVID-19 safety, and beyond. Rearranging the layout of the space to fit a new workflow is a challenging but necessary bit of redesign for your company environment if you really care about your employees during these challenges. It’s more than just segmenting departments, or having Cohort working groups on alternate days, these strategies just make it easier to trace an outbreak but do little to keep it from spreading in your office in the first place. Nor do they achieve your goal of really being able to function with your whole team efficiently, together in the same physical space. Key concepts such as collaborative furniture and teaming areas’ must be rethought to balance your need for face-to-face interaction, with everyone’s need for safety. This can be achieved with a good understanding of how to use hygienically enhancing, virus resistant products that make returning to the office easier, more efficient and most of all, safe. It’s important not only to implement the right products but to install and use them correctly in the new workflow design of your office. With that said, we’ve put together a guide to the 5 key office products that we believe will promote the safest return to office during COVID-19.

  1. Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanner
    When you are ready to return back to the office with your employees, the first thing you must do is ensure that everyone entering the building is in good health, not showing any signs of COVID-19, and wearing a mask. But how do you accurately keep track of every single person that enters the building? And how can you quickly and easily identify if they are healthy enough to work among others? This is where the OneScreen GoSafe comes in.
    OneScreen GoSafe is a body temperature and facial recognition scanner available in three different models: Wall Mount, Table Top and Vertical Stand to suit every preference. Using AI technology, this device can scan your temperature in less than a second and has an accuracy of +/- 0.9 degrees! This product also has the storage capacity to recognize up to 30,000 faces, with or without a mask. If the scanner fails to recognize someone or gives a high temperature reading, you will be alerted immediately and can communicate through the device with the person in question.
  2.  Copper Mesh Chairs are Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Odor
    Whether your office design is unstructured, open and free-flowing, traditional, or anything in between, you’re going to need plenty of chairs. The right chairs have an immediate and substantial impact on employee comfort and wellness – and therefore productivity. These days, ergonomic chairs offer the best solution, providing proper back and neck support through long workdays. In general, you should opt for office chairs that are well-made, easy to clean, match the design aesthetic, and made with durable material.
    Speaking of durable material, BE Furniture now has Copper Mesh Seating available. The copper-infused material used in this seating collection has self-sanitizing properties, kills harmful microorganisms linked to viruses and is bleach washable for easy cleanup.
  3.  Safety Screens for Collaborative Furniture
    Today’s organizations thrive on collaboration, especially if you are in a creative sector. Collaborative spaces can be any size or shape and can be combined use areas – for example, employees can hold informal meetings, brainstorming sessions, formal client meetings, or use the space as a lunch area – it’s all up to you. Although the Coronavirus has made the original idea of collaborating a bit trickier, it’s still possible to use collaborative furniture in your space with a few safety adjustments.
    Altitude A8 by Allsteel is a safety screen made of durable, easy-to-clean fabric intended to give you privacy, while still allowing efficient collaboration with colleagues. This screen can be mounted to the existing work surface and come in wrap around, straight or 90 degree turns, depending on personal preference.
    Counter Shields by Loftwall are clear, acrylic screens that come especially useful in high traffic areas where collaboration is common. These shields are ideal for spaces that require less privacy in the office.
  4. HEPA Filtered Dyson Air Purifiers for Communal Workspaces
    If you host more formal meetings, board meetings or presentations, or the number of staff in your office fluctuates with flexible work hours, then you most likely have a communal workspace. Despite how diversely beneficial communal workspaces are, these high-traffic areas could be a breeding ground for harmful viruses like COVID-19. An easy solution to this is air sanitization. Air purifiers with HEPA filters are very efficient in sanitizing the air in large, open spaces.
    Dyson Pure Hot + Cool automatically captures airborne particles and pollutants, while providing fresh air to a large space (up to 400 sq ft). This unit has the option to be used as a heater or a cooling solution and offers 360 oscillation, night-time mode, and easy remote activation.
  5.  Architectural Walls for Non-Permanent Separation
    With COVID-19 still among us, it’s important to maintain an appropriate distance from others when possible in order to avoid potential exposure. In a communal workplace with collaborative furniture, maintaining distance could be difficult without completely changing the layout of the office. However, it is possible to create appropriate distancing by adding non-permanent structures to the current layout.
    Architectural Walls are modular glass walls that can be used in place of typical panel stations. More flexible to use than traditional drywall, architectural products are reconfigurable and non-destructive to your pre-existing floor plan. Easily cleanable, they can be used to create private offices, conference rooms and individual work areas.

Have our Team Review Your Office For Safety and Workflow
As specialists in contemporary office furniture, BE Furniture can assist you with every phase of your project, from design concept through to remodeling and furnishing your space. Whether you are looking for an ergonomic solution to support your staff or protective furnishings to make your space compliant with COVID-19 safety, we can assist you.
To find out more about the COVID-compliant office products listed, or to view more contemporary office interiors, please contact BE Furniture today.

Employer’s Guide to Developing a Sit-Stand Workstation Policy

Sit-stand desks have become a popular feature in offices across every industry as employees and businesses look for practical ways to support wellness in the workplace. A sit-stand desk policy is essential for providing structure, control and a fair approach to this ergonomic solution.

The Problem with Sitting

Sitting has been called “the new smoking” because of the damage to our health our sedentary lifestyles are causing. Whether we’re working in an office, watching TV, driving, or having a meal, we’re simply sitting too much for our own good. 

The Mayo Clinic reports that sitting for long periods of time is linked to serious health concerns like high blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even increased risks of cardiovascular disease and cancers. Even for people who regularly exercise, the health risks from sitting for the rest of the day are significant. 

We simply need to stand up and move around more regularly throughout the day and change our lifestyles to better support our health and productivity – and that means changing our offices.

Why Have a Sit-Stand Desk Policy?

  • New workstations are costly – Outfitting an office space is a costly project that quickly spiral out of control if you want to invest in every new product that comes on the market. It’s impractical, costly and disruptive. Standing office desks and adjustable height desks are good solutions to the issue of sitting too long – but they shouldn’t be invested in without research, budgeting and input from all stakeholders.
  • Sit-stand desks aren’t for everyoneA lot of literature about sit-stand desks and standing office desks tends to emphasize the benefits to health, posture and productivity without recognizing that they don’t work for everyone or even every work situation. Without a clear and well thought-out policy, you may end up in investing in sit-stand desks only to find that many employees preferred the old workstations, or would’ve preferred alternative ergonomic desks.
  • Get important inputAs with any project, it is important to get the input of all stakeholders, from those who are spending the money to those that are utilizing the solution. A policy allows all stakeholders to evaluate different solutions and come up with an environment that supports the best levels of productivity, health and comfort throughout the organization.

Features to Consider in Your Workplace Policy

  • Hot desking or common spaces – Give employees the ability to move between different types of workstations for different tasks by creating common areas where sit-stand desks are available for use. This gives employees a means to test out this solution for themselves and use it when needed, creating a flexible workspace.
  • Comply with medical needs – Prioritize employees who can present a medical certification for their need to stand rather than sit at a desk. Explore different sit-stand workstations and standing desks to find an option that supports their functional abilities, limitations and daily tasks.
  • Ergonomic desks – Sit-stand desks are not the only option to support employee heath at their workstation. Many ergonomic desks can be properly adjusted to better support sitting health, while others have functionality to allow employees to sit or stand as needed in order to take breaks during the day while remaining productive.
  • Support standing comfort – If you want a healthier workplace and to make standing desks more accessible, then company policies have to support comfort while standing. Cushioned mats to stand on, a comfortable shoe policy, regular breaks and no high heels are essential parts of a successful policy.

Behavioral support – Standing office desks, adjustable height desks, and flexible office desks are just one small part of workplace wellness. Organizations need to support more frequent breaks from sitting by encouraging employees to stand while answering phones, walking to a co-worker to discuss something rather than sending an email, regular breaks of 10 minutes for each hour of work, standing during presentations, and generally walking more in the workplace.

3 Reasons Businesses Should Hire a Professional Office Furniture Installation Service


Relocating your business to new premises or redesigning your office interior? While it’s tempting to save the extra money and take on these jobs yourself or with your team, you’re far better off partnering with a professional office furniture installation service. Here’s why, from contemporary office furniture specialists in New Jersey.

Reason #1 – Damage Control

Office furniture may look simple, but it’s fairly complex to disassemble and reassemble, especially if you want to prevent any damage. Professional office installation teams will have all the right tools and expertise on hand, making your process as quick and efficient as possible.

In addition to properly packaging, moving and installing furniture and equipment, professional teams offer insurance and warranties to provide additional peace of mind and asset protection.

Reason #2 –Save Time

Compare moving house with professionals to when your friend hired a van and promised you all pizza if you pitched in. The professional move was fast, smooth and hassle-free – completed in record time, while the non-professional process was haphazard, disorganized and possibly the worst weekend you remember! 

An office move or office furniture installation is just like that – except it is more complex than a home move, and the stakes are much higher. Office furniture installation specialists need to not only assemble and install complex modular units, movable walls, workstations, storage and more, they have to be able to manage and install your tech at the same time. In an office fit out, multiple specialists are needed onsite at the same time, working with exceptional co-ordination to fully set up working stations, connect your network and systematically install tech without mixing up cables, damaging connections or losing equipment.

Reason #3 – Optimal Functionality

If you look at a well-run office space, there are multiple systems in place that all have to work seamlessly in order for tasks to get done. Video conferences with clients have to run seamlessly in private meeting spaces, managers have to co-ordinate and communicate with teams as well as leadership, receptionists have to manage in-person interactions as well as telephone calls and emails, escalating tasks up to appropriate employees and departments, and so on. This functionality is at the core of your business.

With a professional office furniture installation team, you have a range of specialists who understand how these systems need to work together, as well as how to dissemble, move and reinstall these systems – from furniture through to tech – in order to minimize downtime, reduce bugs in the system and ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible.

This not only relieves frustration and helps support productivity, it also preserves your ability to deliver exceptional customer service.

BE Furniture – Affordable, Professional Office Furniture Installation Services

At BE Furniture in New Jersey, we know our clients are the best at their business – and they trust us to be the best at ours. As specialists in contemporary office furniture as well as the design and installation of contemporary office interiors, we’re the team with the skill and expertise to get the job done perfectly when you need to refit or move your office.

We can assist you with every phase of your project, from design concept through to remodeling and furnishing your space, offering quick turnaround times to support productivity without sacrificing the quality of the finished result. Whether you are looking for a full office fit out or redesign, an ergonomic solution to support staff wellness or protective furnishings to make your space compliant with COVID-19 regulations, we can assist you.

Contact us today to find out more about what we do and how we can assist you.


Training Company? Here’s How to Design Your Space

Training and upskilling employees is a critical part of being a competitive and forward-thinking business. So, it’s no surprise that top training companies are thriving. Your training space not only says a lot about your business, but also has to be functional. This often means that designing it can be a challenge. Here are some insights from our contemporary office furniture team in NJ.

  • Calm and Neutral:

You’re going to have people from all industries, walks of life and all levels of the corporate world coming to you for training, so the space needs wide appeal. Calm, neutral, and warm colors make people feel welcome and focused, and reduces distractions, supporting the mindset they need to learn.

  • Mobile, Adaptable Furniture:





You’re going to be training groups of different sizes, and possibly even splitting them up to work on different skill sets. So, your furniture needs to be easily moved, split up, and re-grouped as you require. Lightweight chairs and tables, as well as modular units, are best.

  • Presentation Space:

You need a free wall or space where presentation boards, whiteboards or digital presentations can take place for the group – keeping in mind that some training specialists make use of multiple types of media when they’re teaching.

  • Good Lighting:

Training often means intensive learning and long hours, so your lighting has to be perfect if you want people to be able to concentrate and focus during their session. A combination of natural and artificial light (preferably LED lights as they are gentler on the eyes and don’t flicker) is best.

  • Stay Refreshed:

The last thing your space will need is an easily accessible refreshment station. This is a great addition for training rooms as it means participants won’t have to leave the room or miss out on anything if they need a juice, soda, water or snack

Make Your Training Space a Priority with Our Contemporary Office Interiors Specialists


If you are redesigning or remodeling your training space, it’s important to have a partner who understands both contemporary office interiors and the needs of your industry. BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your commercial office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from conference room tables and contemporary office furniture to office design, fitment, and furniture recycling. For more information or inspiring contemporary office furniture ideas, please contact us today or visit our website at

Co-Creation – The Future of Collaborative Working Spaces

For a while now, there has been a big shift from segregated, cubicle type offices to open-plan, collaborative work spaces. This change has shown positive results, often leading to improved workplace culture, improved teamwork and, in many cases, increased productivity as a result of a free-flow of ideas and the increased likelihood of communicating better and more frequently with one’s co-workers.   

However, most open-plan office set-ups and modern office design principles are still based on old ideas of sorting staff into departmental boxes, keeping certain departments within a business together, and separating ‘unrelated’ departments away from one another. The persistence of this method prevents a true culture of co-creation, which we believe will be the future of work and office design. 

What Is Co-creation and Why Is it So Important?  

Co-creation is a way in which to foster unity within an organization. It is a way of bringing each and every employee onto ‘the same page’ when it comes to your vision, mission, and goals. It is a way in which to work together to generate ideas and solutions that benefit the company as a whole, rather than only taking certain departments into consideration. Essentially, it is about transforming your business into a living, breathing entity that thinks and acts as one, rather than a loose collective of individuals on their own mission. It is about bringing your employees together and fostering the same passion for success within each and every one of them and encouraging everybody to work in the same direction.   

How can you create a workspace that fosters co-creation? 

The first step in putting together a collaborative workspace is to throw out any of your existing preconceptions about what an office should look like. The old approach, with its partitions, compartments and wall-facing desks, is a thing of the past. Ultimately, in order to ensure co-creation, you will need the right collaborative furniture to assist you in building the perfect office set-up, along with an innovative layout design that will break through barriers and draw your staff together. In order to do so, you could use the skills of professional office designers – and constructive input from your employees would help too.

 Once the old furniture has been removed, the new, modernized version of your workspace will include a variety of open, welcoming spaces that encourage colleagues to face each other and interact. Where there were once tiny, pigeonhole-like workstations, separated by partitions that prevented workers even seeing each other – although they were sitting only a few feet apart – you could now have circles of comfortable seating, informally arranged, facilitating both discussion and productivity. Single desks give way to shared work tables on which colleagues can easily involve themselves in one another’s tasks, but also work on their own when necessary. The overall feel is one that your team will find more inviting and be happy spending their time in for several hours a day. In turn, happier, collaborative, more creatively stimulated staff will lead to better business results too. 

BE Furniture Can help you Design for Co-Creation

We can offer all the necessary furniture, as well the design know-how, to help you turn your office into a modern co-creation site. For information about collaborative furniture, contemporary office furniture, and co-creation workplaces in general, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at BE Furniture today!