Building Design Ideas for Smaller Commercial Offices

Building Design Ideas for Smaller Commercial Offices

Every commercial office space needs to be designed and constructed well, no matter the size. Small spaces in particular require more attention to detail and strategies to make it feel larger than it is and work with optimal efficiency. Building design and construction for your small office should reflect the goals of your business, enhance work processes, and support your desired company culture. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some modern building design ideas to refer to when planning construction for your small commercial office space.

#1 – Choose Minimalist Perfection

A minimalist approach suits smaller commercial offices because it actively reduces clutter, opens up the space, and creates a crisp, functional appearance. When undergoing a minimalist office fit-out, the key is to get everything just right – any small imperfections, the incorrect furniture, or a poor design element is going to stand out on this blank canvas. Go for simple, high-quality materials and fittings, a few stand-out elements that catch the eye, plain walls paired with glass, hidden IT infrastructure, and furniture that is correctly scaled to your space.

A great example of a minimalist office space that doesn’t lack warmth or elegance is the Guilherme Torres Studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

#2 – Go Bold

In architecture and commercial office design, bigger doesn’t mean better. In fact, smaller office buildings have the opportunity to be more experimental and exciting in their design, using boldness to make a splash without becoming overwhelming. Work with your office construction partner to discover a unique personality for your organization’s space, using external and internal elements to create a sense of delight, innovation, creativity, or strength – whatever fits best with your company culture.

A striking example of this type of office design is the 490 Consulting Suites or Mini Tower in Spring Hill, Australia, which was constructed on the site of a single small cottage. Contrasting with the bulky new developments around it, this building offers a creative and irregular external shape, creating an eye-catching but practical, intimate workspace.

#3 – Be Green

Due to their smaller scale, it can also be easier to introduce new technologies and green building techniques into a small office construction project rather than a large one. This allows organizations to reap multiple rewards, including the PR boost that comes with eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives, and the long-term savings on operational costs. There’s massive scope for how your office fit-out can be greener, from installing high-efficiency appliances, wastewater reclamation systems, and solar panels to introducing architectural elements that actively support natural ecosystems. It’s an exciting space for office design and one that can be very successful.

One great example of this is the Frick Environmental Center in Pittsburgh, which is LEED Platinum and Living Building certified. It uses biophilic design elements, rests softly on the conservation area’s existing slopes, and has both Net Zero Energy and Net Zero Water systems in place.

#4 – Use What’s Already There

We live in an age where “new” things are thought of as “better,” but that’s not always the case – especially with buildings. Utilizing what is already on site as part of your office construction project can add character to your design, reduce waste and costs, and create a story for your organization. It requires innovative thinking and a different mindset, but the rewards can be impressive, from preserving parts of history or unique structures to recreating something new and functional out of something that no longer had a purpose.

An interesting example of this is the GS1 Portugal building in Lisbon, Portugal. Designed for business innovation, this building exemplifies this concept and the culture behind it. The building utilizes the site of an 18th-century farmhouse and was inspired by the 1970s Anglo-Saxon University style. The interior and exterior play on reused materials and architectural techniques of the past, from the raw concrete and exposed ductwork to the pre-existing 80s style of the old building’s interior.

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