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How to Support Your Untethered Employees

Organizations are looking for ways to become more flexible in terms of where and how their employees work. From more creative and dynamic office designs to work-from-home policies, they’re adding variety and agility to achieve meaningful gains. One challenge, however, is how to properly support flexible employees – here’s what our contemporary office design team has to say.

  • Invest in good communication tools and policies: Working remotely doesn’t mean that communication should suffer – but it does mean that organizations need to invest in robust communication tools and policies. This allows face-to-face meetings to happen in real time, fostering collaboration and clear communication between team members.
  • Secure your tech: It’s essential to develop policies and data security strategies for devices that remote workers will utilize, whether the devices are supplied by your organization or via a Bring Your Own Device policy. This ensures that employees have access to the correct software, apps and tech they need to do their job properly, without sacrificing data security.
  • Establish remote working protocols: Organizations with untethered employees need to have clear protocols for remote work as well as their office environment. This means clear communication for use of hot desks and meeting/collaborative spaces, policies for reporting in to work or monitoring hours of work, and availability. All of these have to be clearly communicated and adhered to in order to prevent frustration, uncertainty or confusion.
  • Create flexible workspaces: Workplace design is becoming more flexible and agile in order to accommodate flexible work hours, collaboration and team agility. While traditional approaches have employees working in an assigned desk in an assigned cubicle, your untethered employees need to be able to work anywhere according to the exact needs of the job at that moment. For example, they may work at home when they’re doing focused tasks, at a hot desk while they are waiting on a meeting, in a collaborative space for team meetings, or in a private communal space for informal meetings.

Contemporary Office Furniture to Support a Flexible Business Environment 

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Working from Home vs. Working from the Office

The modern workplace is changing, creating more flexible workday options that are very different from the traditional 9-5 workday at the office. This includes flexible working hours and, of course, the option to work from home. Here’s how this affects productivity.

In the USA, recent census reports showed that around 8 million Americans work from home for at least half their time during 2017, making up more than 5% of the working population. Regular telecommuting has grown by 115% since 2005 and the number of employers offering work from home has risen by 40%.

What are the Benefits? 

Although working from home is still in the minority, it’s growing in popularity – and it’s not difficult to see why companies would choose to offer this perk:

  • Reduced overhead – You don’t need to supply the equipment, office furniture, office space or utilities for work-from-home employees.
  • Increased job satisfaction – Employees are more likely to stay in a job that offers work-from-home, reducing staff turnover, increasing morale and helping you attract talented team members.
  • Increased productivity – Employees respond to greater autonomy and fewer distractions with better productivity and quality of work.
  • Reduced environmental impact and stress – Employees reduce time spent in traffic congestion, lower your organization’s carbon footprint, and are able to more effectively reduce stress levels and achieve a better work-life balance which reduces absenteeism.

What are the Drawbacks? 

Working from home does have its drawbacks for some organizations, including:

  • Not for everyone – While some roles work well from home, others simply don’t translate as well.
  • Development and monitoring of new policies – Many organizations express concern that employees won’t be as productive if they work from home. This means drawing up comprehensive policies to manage communication and expectations.
  • Lack of collaboration – Face-to-face communication is still essential for fostering engagement and collaboration, for sparking ideas and for encouraging innovation, and this means bringing people together.

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Inside the 50 Feet Design Concept

It’s a well-known fact that office design and layout have a measurable effect on productivity, and that it has to be customized to meet the requirements of organizations on an individual basis in order to be successful. What works for Google isn’t likely to work for a corporate law firm or a call center. However, there’s plenty of inspiration that can be taken from innovative office design concepts – like the 50 feet design concept.

Influencing Productivity Through a Single Concept 

This design concept is driven by a single notion – access to resources. The idea is that factors like wellness, efficiency, agility and collaboration can all be enhanced and prioritized by ensuring that all critical office resources (everything from the copier to team members) are located within 50 feet of the individuals who require them. A good way to visualize this is a honeycomb-shaped floorplan – self-sufficient clusters that, when brought together, form an entire community.

50 Feet – Proximity that Fosters Interaction and Engagement 

While it’s true that we have more ways to communicate than ever before and that technology like Slack makes workplace communication more streamlined and efficient, the reality is that face-to-face communication is still the most valuable tool in fostering loyalty, engagement, and a productive workplace culture.

The 50-foot design concept is about using spatial organization to encourage teams to engage and share ideas, making communication more effortless between team members. This is further enhanced through transition spaces between team groupings – spaces that are undesignated but designed for casual meetings and exchanges.

Your reception area is no exception to this design, as it forms a critical hub for everything from client and vendor interactions, deliveries, and administrative tasks. By placing creative, social, and physical work resources within an optimal proximity, flow is enhanced, inefficiencies and traffic are reduced, and stress is lowered.

Modern Reception Desks that Enhance Your Workspace 

At BE Furniture, we assist our clients in achieving an optimal workspace for their business. Whether you are looking to remodel your current reception area completely or replace your furniture with modern reception desks, our experienced team can handle it all.

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Resimercial Design – Where Home Comforts Deliver a High-Performance Workplace

We started with offices designed for purely for function, then we invited it into our houses with the creation of home offices. As Millennials entered the workspace this changed into the coffee shop culture office where work is mobile, engaged and comfortable. Now we’re seeing the final combination of the three – a resimercial office design that brings together the best of all these worlds.

What is Resimercial Office Design? 

Essentially, it’s about marrying the comforts and wellbeing of home into the functionality of a state-of-the-art office space in order to gain the benefits of both. When it’s properly executed, this exciting design concept has a positive impact on collaboration, ideation, wellbeing and productivity. It creates a space that is more lighthearted and welcoming – designed to literally make employees feel right at home.

Elements of Resimercial Office Design 

Successfully bringing together the elements of home and work takes an expertly considered touch – you can’t just add some family photos and your favorite armchair and call it a transformation. Instead, you should consider the following:

  • Softer textures – Home comforts are exactly that – they’re comfortable and cozy. So, consider softer seating options in sitting room-type arrangements rather than hard plastic or metal chairs. Thick rugs that designate sitting or informal meeting spaces are ideal, and throw pillows add color and softness.
  • Kitchen/dining space – Again, this should be inspired by the home on a scale to fit your business. Unlike sterile office cafeterias of the past, these spaces are seen as a hub of the office, much like a kitchen is the hub of a home. It’s a space to relax and share as well as a space to collaborate and confer, so choose tables that can be separated and joined together, warm, homely colors and even a fun bar around which to socialize. If possible, situate it where there is plenty of natural light, a view or an outdoor garden, as this creates the feel of being out of the office and promotes stress relief.
  • Study rooms – These are multi-function, multi-use offices that can be used as needed by everyone in the company. A quite space, it’s a lot like a home office, and should be uncluttered but not bare or cold. When designing this space, think of how you would design your own home office – a desk where you can focus work, with a few chairs so that you can hold group brainstorming sessions or work on group tasks, and maybe a soft seating arrangement for small informal meetings. Here, solitude and comfort are key.
  • Home without being personal – At every stage of this design it’s important to remember that it’s not about creating your own home in the office but creating a space where everyone feels at home. Keep it clear of clutter but bring in houseplants, put up ornaments and art but keep them appealing and appropriate, add some fun elements but remember to cater for quiet and private spaces too.

Practical, Ergonomic Commercial Office Furniture with All the Comforts of Home 

Great commercial office furniture is comfortable, functional and beneficial to your brand as well as the comfort and health of your employees! It’s critical to work with the right partner to develop a space that showcases your brand and puts multi-generational employee engagement, productivity and health first.

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Is Your Office Ready for the 5G Workforce?

Often, office design focuses on the generation entering the workforce, how they’re changing things and what needs to change to accommodate them. But the reality is that people are working from an earlier age to a later age, making it essential that the office of the future can accommodate five generations together. Here’s some insight into this 5G workplace and what it means, from the commercial office furniture specialists.

Retirement is a Thing of the Past 

For most people, retirement is a luxury and not an expectation, so they’re going to keep active in the workforce well after the traditional retirement age of 65. There are many reasons for this, including our longer and more healthy life expectancy and a lack of savings culture. This generation has considerable value to the workforce, with unmatched experience and hands-on knowledge.

In terms of office design, this means not simply catering to the incoming generations. Office social spaces can’t be age specific and have to be more inclusive – you can’t just simply have beanbags on the floor. These spaces are critical to passing on skills and knowledge, so it’s vital to have more varied and adaptable meeting spaces. It also means having distraction-free zones where people can escape the noise and digitization of the workplace.

Agile Office Design 

The way we consume, create and deliver products and services is always changing, and businesses are adopting more agile organizational approaches to meet these challenges – but this applies to workplace design too. Different generations, personality types and roles require different things from their workplace in order to realize their full potential for engagement and contribution, and office design needs to rise to this challenge. This means greater work flexibility (working remotely, working flexible hours or working from home) and different spaces within the office designated according to function rather than workflow. We’re already seeing an increase in office designs that include town hall spaces and brainstorm labs where people come together to collaborate and innovate, then move away to their preferred workspace in order to fulfill discussed tasks.

Multi-Generational, Agile, Inclusive Office Design from Commercial Office Furniture Specialists 

Great commercial office furniture is comfortable, functional and beneficial to your brand as well as the comfort and health of your employees! It’s critical to work with the right partner to develop a space that showcases your brand and puts multi-generational employee engagement, productivity and health first.

BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your contemporary office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from furniture selection, architectural walls and contemporary office interiors to remodeling and furniture recycling. For more information on the latest modern office chairs, ergonomic desks, and standing office desks, please contact us today or visit our website at

How Clean is Your Office?

Contemporary Office Interiors

There are a lot of factor that can be addressed if you want your staff to be more productive, from increasing natural light and investing in ergonomic contemporary office furniture to starting flextime and wellness programs. One area that often goes unnoticed, however, is the cleanliness of the office space. Here are some insights from our contemporary office design specialists.

Healthy Employees are More Productive Employees 

Illness and sick days cost the US economy more than half a trillion dollars each year, so it clearly pays to help support employee health! Colds and flu can spread through an office like lightening, with germs and viruses surviving for up to 18 hours on hard surfaces like keyboards and desks. This means that companies need to put more hours into cleaning their office space, especially wiping down and disinfecting office furniture and computers, as well as water coolers, photocopiers and communal equipment. Another area to regularly clean is the air conditioning and heating system, as this can quickly become home to bacteria if neglected.

Companies should also think about implementing clean office policies that help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, including not eating at your work station (this can also attract pests), cleaning dishes and cups as they are used, and clearing out desk bins on a regular basis.

A Cleaner Office is a More Durable, More Productive Office 

Clutter has been proven to be bad for productivity, and desks that are cluttered with papers, stationery, plates and cups are a good example of this. In addition to stimulating productivity, a clutter-free, tidy desk is easier to keep clean and attracts far less dust, fewer pests and bacteria. This dust and debris are also hard on your furniture and electronics, reducing the lifespan of computers and office equipment as well as scratching up desks and chairs. Each employee should be encouraged to keep a clear, clean desk – to recycle papers, and wipe their station and computer down with disinfectant on a regular basis. The end result is a more professional, more productive and healthier office!

Contemporary Office Design and Interiors from Our Talented Team in NJ 

BE Furniture in New Jersey can help you create a functional and appealing workspace that supports your brand and helps your employees optimize their productivity. In addition to our wide range of contemporary office furniture, including reception desks, modern office cubicles and architectural walls, our team can also assist you with workspace design and fitment for contemporary office interiors. We also offer eco-friendly recycling options for all your old office furniture and fittings. For more information on our services and products, including our range of contemporary office furniture, please contact us today or visit our website.