Amazon HQ – When Cities Want Big Business

Amazon is the world’s biggest retailer, so it’s no surprise that cities are clamoring to have the new headquarters located in their own backyard. The giant will bring in over 50,000 jobs, investing $5 billion in the construction project and growing in time to equal the status of the Seattle HQ. Here’s some insight into the bidding war.

Amazon’s requirements 

Only certain cities in the USA and Canada will be able to qualify to make a formal bid, but these restrictions are fairly minimal and include that the city has at least a million residents, an international airport, and a stable, business-friendly environment. These generous terms have led to a huge list of over 238 contenders.

Which cities are leading the fight to be Amazon’s next HQ? 

Major players in the bidding war stretch far and wide, and include:

  • Boston – With its home-grown talent, transit and great real estate.
  • Atlanta – Focusing on its location as an international air transit hub, affordable housing and great weather.
  • Baltimore – With its easy access to New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Denver – Emphasizing strong local economy and quality of life.
  • Nashville – Home of great Millennial talent as one of the USA’s fastest growing cities.
  • Sacramento – Offering to help Amazon hit the ground running with multiple approved sites.
  • Newark – With its offer of $7 billion in tax credits and close links to the Big Apple.
  • Pittsburgh – Home of top talent, low cost of living and tech reinvention.
  • Toronto – International appeal, lower cost of business and a competitive attitude.

Some creative wooing for the retail giant 

Some cities are thinking outside the box to make themselves stand out in this race, resulting in some very creative marketing tactics!

  • New York City lit up major landmarks in Amazon’s signature orange.
  • Tucson delivered a 21-foot cactus to the Seattle HQ, which they delivered to the Desert Museum.
  • The Kansas City mayor wrote 1,000 Amazon reviews filled with great one-liners about the benefits of his city.
  • Birmingham set up giant replicas of Amazon Dash Buttons all over the city and mounted a flirty Twitter campaign.
  • Stonecrest in Georgia went over the top and announced they’d change the name of their town to Amazon!

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