A Great Office Design Always Includes Soundproofing

Planning a new office fit-out in 2020? With so many decisions to make about office cubicle systems, modern office workstations and desks, and interior office design, it’s easy to forget about one thing that’s essential to every successful office design: soundproofing.

Better Soundproofing Means Better Productivity

Have you ever been in an office or restaurant for a meeting where it was impossible to hear what was being said on the other side of the table? Or in a conference room where it’s impossible to hold a private meeting because anything anyone says bounces and echoes around the room? It’s frustrating and it’s bad for business! And, it shows just how important soundproofing really is if you want your office space and employees to be productive. 

As our offices have gotten busier and more open, noise levels have increased – a problem noted as early as 1972 in the Noise Control Act. According to health professionals and the act itself, noise doesn’t just mean an increase in distraction, as “Problems related to noise include stress-related illnesses, high blood pressure, speech interference, hearing loss, sleep disruption, and lost productivity.”

Modern offices thrive in downtown environments. But, these prime locations don’t necessarily support productivity and employee wellness as much as they should. This is where clever office design becomes essential, creating the quiet and relaxation so essential to de-stress the workplace so that your organization can get the best from both worlds.

Soundproofing and Your Office Fit-Out – Speak to Our NJ team about Office Cubicle Systems, Office Design, and More

A professional office fit-out service will look beyond color schemes and corporate office. It will address your office’s potential from the very foundations up. Existing buildings usually haven’t been designed with consideration to the noise and requirements of a modern office. However, an experienced team can deliver great results with the right approach to soundproofing in the form of sound reduction and sound absorption to create an ideal work environment.

BE Furniture in New Jersey can help you create a functional and appealing workspace that not only supports your brand, but also helps your employees optimize their productivity. In addition to our wide range of office furniture, including office cubicle systems, office cubicle walls, and modern office workstations and desks, our team can also assist you with workspace design and office furniture fit-outs

We also offer eco-friendly recycling and used furniture removal options for all your old office furniture and fittings. For more information on our services and products, including our range of contemporary office furniture, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/


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