6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sit Stand Desk for the Workplace

Sit stand desks, also known as adjustable height desks or flexible office desks, allow employees to choose a desk height that works with their personal preferences, helping to create a more comfortable and healthier workplace. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your ideal sit stand desk.

  1. Height range: Different models of adjustable height desks offer different ranges that they can extend to. The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) recommends a range of 22.6 inches to 48.7 inches. If you have a wide range of height needs in your office, it’s best to choose an option with the widest range – especially if you are hot desking and multiple employees need to be able to use the same desk.
  2. Ease of adjustment: Always look at the mechanism for adjusting the desk and choose one that is easy to use and quiet. A loud mechanism or one that requires more work to use can be disruptive in the workplace and employees may hesitate to make use of it.
  3. Comfort: While sit stand desks are a healthy option for the workplace, there are ways that employers can make them more comfortable. This includes adding a riser to support one foot while standing or gel mats to provide joint support and help reduce leg fatigue.
  4. Powered vs. manual mechanisms: Some adjustable height desks need power to operate, so make sure that it’s easily accessible in the area of your office that you want to install it. Manual mechanisms, on the other hand, won’t require an additional power source so they can be placed anywhere.
  5. Programmable desks: These desks can record individual settings, making it easier for multiple employees to quickly access their personal settings – ideal for communal or collaborative desks.
  6. Functionality: Different workplaces require different equipment and accessories to function on desks, so it’s important that the desk you choose has the right level of functionality (from desk surface area to additional features like privacy screens or lighting) for your needs.

Get Expert Help Finding the Right Sit Stand Desks for Your Office – And Budget 

If you want assistance in choosing the right sit stand or ergonomic desks for your office, it’s best to speak to an experienced office furniture supplier to ensure that you get a value-for-money solution.

At BE Furniture, we’re more than just a supplier of contemporary office furniture and interiors – we’re a partner who goes the extra mile to supply your company with the ideal space to help your business operate with optimal efficiency. As a full-service furniture dealer, we can supply you with a wide range of value-added and environmentally-sensitive products as well as plan and fit out your office remodel.

For more information on the sit stand desks, standing office desks and ergonomic desks we can supply as well as our other products and services, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/

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