5 Ways You Can Boost Productivity With The Right Workplace Arrangement

For most employees, just like most businesses, success and growth are priorities. The productivity of employees feeds directly into big-picture business goals, creating a cycle that drives businesses to achieve more. Unfortunately, only 13% of the global workforce is actively engaged and satisfied with their workplace arrangement. Taking the time to invest in a workplace arrangement that supports this cycle is essential, improving job satisfaction, reducing turnover and burnout, boosting productivity and most importantly, to encourage a safe return to work during COVID-19. Of course, developing your workplace environment is not a quick or inexpensive solution – but it is a critical one if you want to achieve these goals. Here are 5 ways to ensure this investment accomplishes real returns, from specialists in the design and fitment of contemporary office interiors.

#1 – Make the Design Phase a Priority

Many businesses upgrade to contemporary office furniture or swap out office cubicles in an as-needed fashion, throwing out worn furniture and adding new items as needed without looking at the office as a whole. This creates a haphazard space with no consistency, no flow, and no unifying design. It also leads to poor space utilization, an issue that leads to as much as 40% of office space being vacant at any given time.

An office design is much more than furniture in a space. It is a planned concept that unites your business culture, employee needs, and work tasks to create a space that is as functional, productive and tailored to your business as possible. A space that actively supports workflow and collaboration, makes daily tasks simpler and easier to perform. It will also refresh the mind and actively drive productivity, while reducing unnecessary frustration and stress. 

The right design creates a space where people want to work. 

#2 – Incentivize Organization

It is a challenge to work in a disorganized space where the environment is a breeding ground for frustration, even when working on the most minor tasks. Space organization helps employees to complete their duties faster, while making fewer mistakes. It can also reduce confusion and miscommunication, and make every minute of their working hours more productive without increasing workload.

A surprising amount of office design goes into creating an organized space (and not just an attractive one!). From improving lighting to support wellness and visibility, to offering workstations with features that support adequate organization for a specific employee. Of course, the most significant impact of office design is creating a workplace arrangement between connected spaces that encourages proper task management with minimal inconvenience or interruption.

#3 – Go Ergonomic

Ergonomic contemporary office furniture aims to improve the conditions under which employees work. Focusing specifically on eliminating the issues that lead to strain, fatigue and more serious health risks, since we spend approximately 1/3 of the day at our desks. 

Adjustable height desks, ergonomic chairs, multiple screens, as well as foot and keyboard rests are critical to ensure that people of all heights and builds are physically supported while working.

Ergonomic furniture supports employee productivity by reducing the need for sick days, and avoiding back, neck and joint pain caused by non-ergonomic furniture choices. Generally, ergonomic furniture has a big part to play in creating a space where every employee feels comfortable to work.

#4 – Prioritize Wellness and Environmental Design

Because we spend so much time in the office, it makes sense that this space can have a significant impact on health and wellness that goes beyond ergonomics. Poor ventilation, heating and cooling means discomfort, respiratory irritations and viral infections that could lead to something more serious, like COVID-19 . Poor lighting leads to headaches, disruption of the natural circadian rhythms of the body, and poor concentration overall. Noisy environments make concentrating on tasks difficult and increase the likelihood of more interruptions. Even the sedentary action of sitting for 8-9 hours a day increases risks of heart disease, obesity, circulation problems, and more.

Designing an office to address these concerns means looking beyond ergonomic furniture to solutions and programs that help employees be less sedentary, more comfortable, and healthier. This can include sneeze guards for protection, architectural glass walls that maximize natural light, air purifiers for increased sanitization, outdoor spaces that bring natural elements into the workspace, sound dampening solutions and more.

#5 – Add Variety

Your employees are incredibly diverse in terms of their roles, working preferences, and  physical appearances, so your office space should reflect that in order to give each person the best opportunity to work in a way that is most productive to them. This doesn’t mean making a unique space for each person, but rather creating different zones and opportunities for different work.

This includes private spaces for focused work or private meetings, social spaces where people can work in a relaxed environment, collaborative spaces where groups can work without disrupting colleagues, and more. It’s important that the intentions of each workspace are reflected within company policies as well, in order to make these spaces accessible, as well as productive for every employee.

Make Productivity Your Priority Through Workplace Design

Do you feel that your workplace could do more to support the productivity of your employees? BE Furniture has the right solution for you.

As specialists in contemporary office furniture, we can assist you with every phase of your project, from design concept through to remodeling and furnishing your space. Whether you are looking for a new office layout or products such as sneeze guards, acrylic barriers, and copper mesh seating to make your space compliant with current COVID-19 regulations, we can assist you.

To find out more about the products and services we offer, or to view contemporary office interiors we have designed, please contact us today at befurniture.com.

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