5 Pieces Of Furniture Needed In a Waiting Room

Waiting rooms are important, highly functional spaces in your office, welcoming clients, receiving deliveries, and acting as the face of your organization and brand. Here’s how to make the right impression through exceptional corporate office furniture and reception area design, from specialists in contemporary office interiors.

1. A Striking and Functional Reception Desk

This should be the biggest and most eye-catching piece of furniture in your waiting room, so it’s important that it’s a high-quality statement piece that is not only functional for your staff, but easy for any guest to notice.

This is because your reception desk is your first point of contact with every visitor, vendor, supplier and customer. You want people who haven’t been to your offices before to see it as soon as they walk in, and you want them to know that they have come to the right place.

Your reception desk should be scaled to the size of your waiting room, it’s functionality (how many reception staff you require, their equipment and computers, etc.), and your industry and brand’s character.

2.Comfortable, Supportive Seating

Good seating is a must-have feature of a waiting room and should be designed and supplied according to the traffic through the space, average waiting times for visitors, hygiene and your brand’s aesthetics. Contemporary office furniture ideas for waiting room seating include seating with supportive cushions, seating that is easy to clean and can take a good amount of wear, and seating that is modular and varied.

You want to cluster your seating based on your clientele too. For example, visitors to a legal office may want privacy where they can work or review documentation while they wait, medical offices want clusters where people can socially distance or sit with young family members, and spa facilities want seating that is comfortable and luxurious.

3. Organization and Storage

There are several types of organizational and storage needs that should be accommodated in waiting areas. This can include coat racks and umbrella storage, storage for deliveries, space for filing and documentation, and even surfaces for clients to work off of easily. Again, this is specific to the type of office you are running.

Many businesses use the space not only to provide a space for clients or customers with appointments, but also to sell and showcase products (veterinary clinic, spas and beauty salons, etc.) or to showcase their own offering through brochures, magazines, scale models and literature – all of which needs to be displayed and stored properly.

4. Coffee and Snacks

For businesses that are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and show a bit of extra appreciation to their clients and visitors, coffee and snack stations are a reception area must-have. A clean, well-stocked refreshment station is a great addition to any space, and should be stocked with goodies that appeal to your clients, whether it’s something sweet for the kids, a barista-quality coffee for professionals, or healthy smoothies and juices for the health-conscious, it should work with your brand’s offering and target market.

5.Hygiene Stations and Accessories

Because reception areas are the first point of contact between visitors and your staff, hygiene equipment is critical. This includes impermeable screens between staff and visitors, sanitizing stations and disinfectant wipes for visitors and clients, PPE for staff and clear, sign-posted instructions that show your organization is caring for the health of visitors and staff through the pandemic.

If you have a snack or coffee station, it is important that this is screened off and managed by a staff member to ensure it is kept hygienic and sanitized while in use.

High-Impact, Highly Functional Reception Spaces Designed by Corporate Office Furniture Specialists in NJ

BE Furniture is a leading supplier of furnishings and designs for contemporary office interiors, from cafeteria and workspaces to reception areas and boardrooms. We also provide hygienic, protective office equipment and corporate office furniture to help ensure health and productivity in your space. In addition to designing and fitting out new office spaces, we provide furniture recycling to support the sustainability of your project. Contact us today for more information on our services and furnishings for contemporary office interiors.

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