Welcome Back! 4 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel More Comfortable Returning to Work


Over the last couple of years, the workplace has evolved into a very different space. As people start to return back to the office in the New Year, employers need to ensure that these spaces are hygienic, welcoming, and suited to the needs of employees.

After all, when employees feel that their organizations are taking an active role in their wellbeing, they are more productive, more engaged, and less likely to move on to a new place of employment. Here are some office design ideas and initiatives on how to welcome employees back to work.

  1. Create defined breakout spaces

Breakout space within the office is a modern essential. Rather than crowding around one person’s desk (disrupting people around them and creating a difficult space to work), informal groups of employees can ‘break out’ of the office into a separate space. This can be used for meeting or presentation prep, informal meetings between department representatives, brainstorming sessions – any typical meeting or discussion that’s informal and around 30 minutes in length. The space should be physically separate to prevent noise from interrupting others, have general-purpose resources and furniture, and be available to all without being monopolized by any single group.

  1. Convenient childcare facilities

If your organization has employees with young children, childcare facilities can make a world of difference. Not only does this help reduce the burden of childcare costs on staff, but it is also known to improve morale, staff retention, attendance, and even public relations. It’s a highly sought-after perk and, for parents who have been getting used to caring for their kids while working from home, it’s a great way to be close to their child while making it easier to coordinate family life and be productive in their career. It’s easy for a parent to check in on their child during a break, stress is reduced because they are close at hand at all times, and it’s easy to adapt childcare to business schedules.

  1. New and improved office perks

Just like there are perks when working from home, there are perks when working at the office. Now is the perfect time to make these stand out for returning employees! Whether this is access to quiet space free from household noise, healthy lunches and snacks, great tech, an onsite barista or fancy coffee machine, or even the ability to talk with colleagues easily in person. It’s important to highlight the everyday benefits of working in the office to give people what they’ve missed out on most while working from home.

  1. A vibrant office makeover

If you want your employees to be excited about coming back into the workplace, a makeover is just the way to do it! A smart and practical office design can take a drab and uninspiring workspace and transform it into a space where people want to be. New workstations, home comforts, a trendy color scheme, ergonomic chairs, and casual breakout spaces will reinvent your workplace and support productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. Not to mention, your clients will love it too!

That’s where our office design and fit-out specialists come in, offering expertise and creative talent that makes your office space balance funky with functional, excitement with efficiency, and comfortable with creative! Contact us today to find out more about our office space design services in NJ.

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