4 Easy Ways to Refresh and Re-energize Your Workplace

Is your office looking a little dull, a bit boring or lacking in character? Here are some tips from our team of corporate office furniture specialist in New Jersey on how to bring some new life and energy into your office in easy, affordable ways.

  1. Upgrade the lighting: As office remodeling and furniture specialists, one of the first things we notice in an office is poor lighting. Lighting plays a huge role in the mood of a workspace and poor lighting leaves people feeling stressed, strained and unwell. It’s a source of migraines as well as creating a harsh or dingy environment, and it impacts your energy bill too! Replacing old bulbs with energy-saving LED bulbs with dimmers isn’t expensive and allows people light their space to suit their needs. A bigger project is to try bringing in more natural light by using solutions such as architectural office partitions made of glass.
  2. Add some nature: Plants literally add life to your office – and are cheap and easy to maintain. They also improve mental wellbeing, add interest and clean the air. Great plants for the office include snake plants, peace lilies, ficus, aloes, orchids and rubber tree plants. Check with your local nursery or office plant supply specialist to find out what plants are right for your office as they do have different light and water requirements.
  3. Mix in some sit stand desks: These are a popular option for many modern offices and are ideal for reducing excessive sitting time that increases health risks for office workers. Start by finding out how many people want to give them a try and add a few as hot-desks for everyone to get used to rather than replacing them all. There are also other ergonomic desks ideal for people who aren’t comfortable standing at work.
  4. Include some art: Art in the workplace should uplift and inspire, but to put it kindly, a lot of art in offices is so bland and boring that it might as well not exist. Instead, consider your brand and what it represents, and get inspired to add some personality to your space. If you love being part of your community, why not support a local artist and invest in paintings or sculpture? Retro movie posters are beautiful and affordable and great if you’re in the media industry, or trawl through vintage stores for some retro inspiration.

Make Your Workplace Inspiring and Functional with Modern, Exciting Corporate Office Furniture 

BE Furniture is a full-service corporate office furniture company offering a wide range of environmentally-sensitive and innovative products and services for commercial office interiors. In addition to design and fitment services, we also offer Earth-friendly recycling of old office interiors. For more modern office ideas and information on our contemporary office furniture, sit stand desks, architectural office partitions and more, please contact us today or visit our website at https://www.befurniture.com/


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